Automatically Link Text While Typing In Windows Live Writer

When ever you write a post for your blog using windows live writer which is one of the best desktop blogging editor, you often need to link to the related articles you have written before on your blog so that reader get the benefit of this linking and does miss out anything important related to content he/she is reading.

But manually linking to the same articles of for a specific word as you will need to link it again and again, for example there could be a category of tips and tricks which you often link, for which you manually hyperlink the word tips and tricks in every article you write about some tips and tricks. In such a case windows live writer provide the a great feature called Auto Linking to automatically link a word or a phrase while typing in windows live writer.

With the Auto Linking feature in windows live writer you can pre define specific word or a word phrase which should automatically get linked while typing, Below is the step by step procedure to configure it,

1. Open Windows Live Writer, Go To File Menu >> Tools >> Options


2. Click Auto Linking in the left pane under Options


3. Click the add button to add a word to phrase to hyperlink or auto link when you type it in windows live writer while writing a post as shown in the image below.


4. Click ok to close Options,  from now on when ever you type tips and tricks it will get automatically linked without any effort from your end. Similarly you can add more words or phrases to auto link like this.

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  1. Scott says

    Can someone summarize what is so amazing and so much better about writing blog posts in Windows Live Writer? I just create blog posts in the WordPress “New Post” window and it works fine. Why all the fuss?

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