Automatically Cut or Copy Photos, Videos From Digital Camera In Windows 7

We all love pictures, but some times transferring, copying or downloading them from digital camera to computer hard drive could be a pain, as you manually need to select the new pictures and then copy the new one to your computer, as you might have already transferred the old ones.

In such a case, Autoplay in windows 7 is smart enough to recognize the new pictures on your digital camera, memory card and other portable removable devices, so it allows you to copy or cut the pictures and transfer those photos which are newly taken or which are not being copied already in this way it will not create duplicate pictures issues.

Whenever you connected a portable drive with pictures and other data, windows 7 will show a autoplay menu in which one of the option allows to import images and files automatically to your computer. For example below is a snapshot of this autoplay dialog which appears when I connect my Cannon PowerShot to my computer


Similar kind of autoplay dialog will appear when you connect any other removable drive or camera to your computer with windows 7, in order to import pictures and videos you will need to select the option Import pictures and videos

Once you have selected the option to transfer pictures and videos, it will start scanning your digital camera for related files and will show you progress bar dialog as shown in the image below.


It will by default import all the pictures and videos to your account pictures folder, although by clicking the link Import Settings you can choose a different location, with folder being created of these images transferred as per date taken or date created with some tag if you want to specify.

Once it has transferred the images and videos, next time it will automatically transfer the newly created images as per last time it had copied from your digital camera.

Note: For any reason like autoplay disabled, this Autoplay dialog for your digital camera is not flashing, then connect your camera to your computer and right click the camera icon in my computer and select Import pictures and videos


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