Automatic Reply To Friend Messages On Gtalk When You Are Away From Computer

There are many times when you may want to work, but your friends keep pinging you on on gtalk which obviously cause the disturbance when you are working on some important thing. As we all know gtalk by default does not allow you go invisible if you are using the gtalk desktop client, but we have written a tutorial on how to hide your actual status on gtalk client and be invisible.

Or even gtalk does not allows you to set a custom auto reply message, but here is new utility called Gtalk Autoreply which allows you to set custom reply message which will be replied to all the people who ping you on gtalk. You can use this program to auto reply with some text to your friends on gtalk when you are working or away from your computer.

Here is the simple procedure to use this program to set custom reply text on gtalk

Download and Run the utility, you will need to enter the right username and password for your gmail account and type in the custom auto reply message for your friends.


Here is an example how the custom reply message will be seen to your friends


Note: How ever this application does not work for us, I don’t know why. You can try at your end it might work for you.

Download Autoreply Gtalk 

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