Automatic Repeated Multiple Keys Press In Windows

Gaming on the computers has become one of the major activities among the youths and even it is taken very seriously. Various events and competitions are organized for various kind of games. Sometimes, users need to press a single key for a large number of time in a single game according to the needs of the game. But assume a situation where is becomes very frustrating, when you’re playing a game that requires pressing one button or a key simultaneously and that too it a fast speed and then you sometimes end up having to restart the level because you just were not fast enough!!!Although, it looks like a simple thing, but for serious gamers who love gaming and are very passionate about it, this situation can really be annoying.

So, for such type of situations and to avoid them we here present a solution for that. A new utility has been developed and launched which is basically a key presser. It has been developed from RobotSoft and may prove to be a real revolutionary tool for gamers by which they can make their games a little easier as now they don’t need to press a key continuously.


It is basically a very small and a simple utility which comes up with options, whether to keep the key pressed or to press the key at regular intervals. As, in same games you may need to press the key again and again and very fast, but in some games especially in racing games, you just need to press the key continuously for a long time. So, based on the situation you may configure the tool by using the key modifiers which are available with the tool and whenever pressed they initiate the sequence after which there is no need to press the key again and again. Basically, internally the tool initiates a cycle due to which the key is pressed automatically and you can just sit and watch or may concentrate on the other buttons and keys based on the requirements of the game.

This tool may prove to be really helpful for the gamers who play lot of games and feel that sometimes, they are just not fast enough to press a particular key again and again. Overall, this tool can help make the level much easier, and on the other hand it also helps to reduce the stress while playing games.

For configuring the key of your choice, you just need to select which key you want to be pressed and key modifiers are present which helps the tool in identifying when to start the sequence or even stop it based on the interval entered by you. As said earlier it has both the options of either to keep the key pressed or even to select the time between two key press events. So, just download it from the below given link and try it out with any of your games that you love to play.

Download Robosoft Key Presser.

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