Automatic iTunes Library Refresh – New Songs Addition From a Folder

I have been using iTunes since the time, I got my iphone 3g last year, as apple forces to transfer all data to its devices through iTunes only so I had to install it, slowly all my music gets synced and added to iTunes, but still being a windows user, I love to use winamp to listen to music.

One of the problem, I found in iTunes is that it does not automatically refreshes it music library if there are new songs added to your music folder, when ever I download a new song, I just move it to my music folder which is already added a music library source in iTunes.

There are different workarounds which can work to add the new music songs automatically to iTunes, read on further to know.

Method 1 

With the release if iTunes 9, this feature of adding new songs automatically has been added but in order to add new songs to iTunes library you will need to copy or move the new song files in the folder at the following path.

C:\Users\Your Username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Automatically Add to iTunes\p

Any music or songs added to this folder will be added automatically to iTunes library.

Method 2 

Another way to automatically update music library in iTunes using some freeware softwares which lets you add songs to iTunes automatically.

1. iTunes Library Updater – It is a freeware program which you add new songs to iTunes library, but you would need to run the program manually, as it will new songs to iTunes.


This application can also watch subdirectories and media files to iTunes including .mp4 etc. This application requires .Net Framework 2.0 to be preinstalled.

2. iTunes Folder Watch – This is not a free software but it has a unlimited trail, every time you run it might say the trail has been ended but when you click ok it will continue to the next screen will you see a timer running for next 3-4 seconds and then the program interface will appear.


Add your music folder or that path to the folder where you keep adding new tracks and then to check for new songs click Check Now button and then click new tracks tab to add these new songs to iTunes library.

Method 3 – This method seems to be the easiest out of all the above methods as it does not involve any software. As per this method just run iTunes and then click File >> Add Folder To Library as shown in the image above.


Now locate the same folder which in which you have added the new songs, if it the same folder which is already added in iTunes as music source do the same add the folder again, all the new files will be automatically added to iTunes


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