Automate Tasks In Google Chrome [Macro Extension]

While working online, we come across many sites where we have to fill the same information many times. These are mostly seen in the case of filling an online form where certain fields like permanent address, current address and many other same fields are present.

Also, when we open our internet, we usually surf some favorite sites only. But every time we open that site, we have to fill the login username and password which is very annoying specially for users who work online only.

Doing these repetitive task is very boring and time-consuming. We sometimes use the option of saving the password offered by chrome but still we have to open that site and add the username at least.

Considering this problem, Google has provided us with an extension called iMacros which helps us in skipping the repetitive tasks on the web.

iMacros extension is specially designed to automate the most repetitive tasks and saves our precious time. The installation process asks you to access the data on all websites, bookmarks and history.


The installation will be completed in just a few seconds. After that, it will appear with this icon in the toolbar.


This extension provides the feature of recording the repetitive task so that next time you do not have to do that work instead just play the recorded task and its done.

I will demonstrate it with an example. Lets say, i have to check my Gmail after every hour. So, for this, i have to open my Gmail account, add username and password every time. This task is very small but wastes a lot of time as it has to be done around 12 times a day.

For this, if i will use imacros extension and just record my whole procedure at first time. Then, i can skip repeating the process 11 times in a day.

I just have to click on the imacros icon present in the toolbar. It will open a new window. Here, i just have to select the option of ‘Record’ and start filling my data on the Gmail account.


After, i am done with it, i have to select the icon and it will stop the recording and will show the editor window where my process will be saved. I just have to click the ‘Save’ button.


You can also name the macros for better remembrance.


Now, the next time, if i will have to open my Gmail account, i will just click on the imacros name (Gmail lets say) and will select ‘Play’ and the whole process will be done automatically in just a few seconds saving me to fill the information by myself.

There is also an option of ‘Play Loop’ in which you can play the recording in a loop. It is useful while filing many online forms at one time.


For privacy, this extension provides the option of encrypting your password in the ‘Settings’. You can also add master password to store your personal information.

Download iMacros

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