Automate Common Computer Tasks Without Writing Any Code

Today everyone wants each task in their life to be automated. Even while using computers, it has been found that users want automated tasks which doesn’t require much user intervention and which can run on its own. Although, we can say that Automation programs are designed with users’ ease of use in mind, so that they must look more simple as compared to the normal way of doing that task manually. Designers and developers always try to include more graphics rather than commands, in order to give better user experience for a common user. Today, we are going to discuss one of the similar utility which has been developed to provide better user experience and to automate your system.

vTask Studio is basically a small, useful and easy to use application that can be used to automate most of the commonly performed tasks in the computer, and to execute even some high-end commands as well so that you may feel the real automation in your computer. In order to automate various tasks in your computer, the program provides you with a graphical user interface where you may easily automate all the tasks in few drag and drop operations, hence no programming needed at all.


You may download this application from the link given below and it can be easily installed in few steps. After launching the application for the very first time, you may observe that it can handle all common tasks such as launching applications, mouse actions, loops etc, and as already mentioned that it can even handle advanced automation functions like checkpoints and database queries which really make it a special application. Along with all the above mentioned features, it has some distinct features like image matching and integrated EXE compiler, which allow visual detection of images and automated compilation of executable files, respectively which doesn’t come along with any of the similar applications.


This utility allows the program to use text-based XML files for its operations which can be easily modified with any text editor. Along with this, you can use any of your automation scripts and compile it as a Windows executable standalone program which is a rare feature in any of the application. So, due to this feature it becomes possible to distribute your automation scripts to non-users of vTask Studio. As already mentioned that it contains advanced image matching and recognition algorithms which allows visual detection of on-screen images and hence makes a good experience for the users. Thus it also allows you to create automation scripts for internet based activities and that too very easily.

As we have already mentioned that the program mostly rely on drag & drop actions, but a lot of keyboard shortcuts are also present for the users. So, overall we can say that it is a nice little application for the users which helps in automating the system and that too very easily.

Download vTask Studio

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