Auto Tweet, Post Facebook Update On New Youtube Video Upload

If you have a youtube video channel of yours than you might know the power of facebook, twitter and other social media platforms like google+ can really make a video you upload on your youtube channel and as if the video is really good, it will get re shared and re tweet and then will be viewed by large number of people, so this way video will get a large number of views.

Youtube by default allows you to automatically tweet link to view your youtube video on your twitter account timeline, similarly you can share a video on facebook as well and post the link to youtube video on your facebook wall without any effort.

Follow the procedure below, to make changes in youtube and connect your twitter and facebook account.

1. Firstly go to and then you will need to login to youtube with your account credentials of your youtube channel.

youtube account settings

2. Under youtube account settings, under left pane you will see the option as activity sharing as shown in the image below.

click here

3. Under activity sharing, you will see the option to connect to facebook account, as shown in the image below. Click connect accounts as shown in the image below.

connect facebook account

4. Once you have connected your facebook or twitter account, click the activities when you would like to tweet or post facebook update and then click enable autoshare, it will ask you to authorize as shown in the image below.

8-22-2011 8-51-58 PM

5. Now click the save changes button to confirm the action automatically tweet when you upload a new youtube video or other activities you selected.

save changes

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