Auto Submit, Import, Add Blog, Website Feed In New Digg Interface

New digg interface has been launched, with some great new changes. Digg has become more connected to social networks like facebook, twitter etc Numerous new features has been introduced in new digg, one of those feature is that now you can import your website feed in digg and post it on your digg profile page which people can follow just like you can do on facebook.

Follow the procedure below to know how to import a blog, site feed on digg

1. Go to and login with your old digg username and password.

2. Click settings link in the center top of the page once you are logged in


3. Under left sidebar options, click the option to import feeds as shown in the image below.


4. Now Enter the website URL of the Feed or RSS for your website – make sure you select the topic which suites to your website.


5. Once you click the Add Feed button – it will ask you to verify the website – Either Copy & Paste this key into the title or body of your RSS feed or Copy & Paste this key in your next post, you can remove the key once you have verified.

Note: If you are adding this key to the post, make sure that you are switching to HTML view and then adding the key code – so that it does not appear in your content of the post on the website as it is enclosed in comment tag.

6. Once verified, you will see the website feeds under manage feeds section with verified tag as shown in the image below 


Note: RSS auto-submit does not submit content already residing in your feed, so once it is verified please add a new entry to test things out. Please allow some time for the new entry to get pulled in.

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