Auto Record, Download & Playing Video & Audio In Web Browser With Jordy Downloader

Watching and downloading videos using internet has become a common activity among different users. Large number of websites provide feature which allow the users to view or download videos as well as audio files. Although, there are large number of utilities available over the web which can be used as a downloader and helps the user to download these videos and audio files, but the one which we are going to discuss today is very different from others and has various distinct features which include downloading streaming video and audio to your computer.

Jordy Downloader is basically a small-sized, easy to use, useful and a powerful downloader manager that provides features by which it monitors your Windows clipboard for download links. It simply integrates with your browser and notifies you when multimedia (video and audio) objects are detected by the utility, and hence allows you to quickly download any of those detected videos to specified local destination in your system. Here you may observe that the utility itself take care of the feature and the new file is automatically added to the Media Detector list, from where it is your choice whether to download or just preview it. So, it saves your time as you don’t even need to paste the link in the application and directly downloading can be done. As already mentioned that this smart utility, i.e. Jordy Downloader will automatically detect the link from clipboard.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and after installing it in your system, you may observe that it has a strong user interface with large number of features. You may see on the interface that it has All, Downloading, Completed and Inactive tabs at the left side, while the other options such as download list and Media Detector appears at the right side of the interface. It also contains various buttons which can be used to add New Download, New Video Download, Start, Pause and Delete an item and these buttons are available at the top of the interface which can be easily accessed.


Now, let us talk about the streaming videos which you may want to download in your system. So, for this you may observe that whenever you play a video in your browser, this utility will automatically detect the video, and will show you a desktop notification. You may observe that it will automatically add the video to the Media Detector list from where you may choose whether to download it or not, as mentioned above.

So, overall it is a nice utility especially for those users who often likes to download videos from then web. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP servers, online data storage, and video and audio streams and hence allows all the downloads using these protocols. You may observe that it integrates with your browser and displays a Download button whenever you play any of the audio/video file in your browser. So, download it and try out its features for downloading media to your computer.

Download Jordy Downloader

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