How to Auto Login Website in Chrome, Firefox & IE

All popular browser we know Chrome, Firefox and even IE offers feature like Auto login Website. They store your password in password manager and when you open the site, instead of retyping login information, it will Auto fill your login info and you can hit on login button and access your site. For example, Facebook is one site which I access multiple time, and using browser auto fill features, I can auto login to Facebook. In this tutorial, we will see how we can set auto login feature for Websites on your browser.

Its been a long time since, I started using internet on 2002, since then I have this habit of remembering password for my most frequent visiting websites like, but once thing that has not changed since I started using these web services is the login page and way I logged in to these websites. As even if I have already remembered my credentials I always used to login by finally by clicking the log in or sign in button on the login page.

Auto Login Website

So, I decided to make this process of clicking the button automated through browser extension and scripts which would finally make a life more easier on web. After some searching around I found how can one auto login to any website in google chrome, firefox, safari and internet explorer which seems to be the major browsers being used by people these days.

How to Auto login Website in Chrome Browser?

There is a free extension called Auto Login . To use Auto login extension,  browse to a site for which your username and password get filled by Chrome. The Auto Login icon will appear next to the site’s URL in the right side of the address bar.

Facebook Auto Login

Click the icon and set that page for automatic login. The next time you visit that page, a loading message will (optionally) flash on the screen as the page is automatically submitted as shown in the image below.

auto logging

If you’d like to remove a page from the Auto Login list, you can do so on the options page, by going to google chrome – options >> extensions – you will see the list of pages which are supposed to be auto login when opened in your browser with their URLs displayed.

Auto Login Chrome Extension

How to Auto login Websites in Firefox:

There is a free extension called Secure LoginSecure Login is a login extension for Mozilla Firefox integrated password manager. Its main feature is similar to Opera’s (the browser) Wand login.

auto login firefox

Key Features Of Secure Login

  1. Works out of the box without any configuration needed.
  2. Login with one click or a keyboard shortcut (automatically submitting the login forms).
  3. Easy and convenient selection for multiple logins (multiple users)
  4. Provides direct login to any site from the bookmarks (using the “Secure Login Bookmarks”).
  5. Integrates with Mozilla Firefox password manager.
  6. Provides easy access to the saved passwords.

Another Related Update: Mozilla are hoping to improve this experience with integration for automatic web site logins. read here how or read another guide by how to auto login in firefox.

For Internet Explorer

If your browser and web applications support automatic login, you will be able to log in to your desktop computer, your intranet and the relevant web applications without being asked to log in again. Automatic login is also called pass-through sign-on, pass-through authentication, and sometimes single sign-on (SSO).

This page tells you how to set the options in your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox), read here or find out how to auto login to google or any other page using some scripts, read here and here

For Mac OS X Safari

There is no extension for safari browser which can help you to do the auto login, however if you have configured the auto fill preferences but do you have cookies enabled? Many sites require that you enable ‘cookies’ in order to help you with things like auto log in. For some users disabling private browsing helped to auto log in to some websites, if you are a developer you may wish to try out these scripts mentioned here.

If you have followed the tutorial thoroughly, you can try setting up Facebook auto login using this tutoria. Though, if you face any problem using our Auto login Website guide, do let us know via comment or on our Fb fan page.


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