Hygeia: Make Windows Smarter By Automatically Doing Things and Tasks

We all are so busy in our life that that for work like organizing data in our system and stuff like that seems to be too time consuming. And to remember how do I have to manage my data on different systems is a tough task. This is the situation when I feel that all this things should be automated. So, that my time is saved and also it will decrease my burden. And the solution to several problems can be solved by a single freeware Hygeia. And you can use some other freewares also mentioned below as per your convenience.

Hygeia is a small freeware of 3.88 MB. It does several tasks like organizing you music files, deleting the old files based on last time used and to upload the photographs on facebook. It can be easily installed and will be present on your system tray whenever you will open it.


Organize your music

Select the folder in which music is to be organized. There are four structures to organize by Artist; Artist/ Album; Artist/ Year/ Album; Flat. Then describe the format in which you need the result like title of the song; artist and album name etc. Then select the other folders which needs to be monitored. The tool will automatically cut and paste the music files from the monitoring folder to parent folder. And the task is done.

Upload photos to Facebook

This will simply help you to upload the photos on facebook whenever you want and have logged in.

Trash old files

It will help you to delete the files which are not in use any more. It is based on Last Access Date timestamp. Be careful if your system has some problem regarding updating the dates, it may delete the useful files. You can either recycle or delete the files permanently. Then set the date based on which files are to be maintained. Also, you can permanently keep some files saved in your system based on extension.

You can define various settings in Hygeia which will make your work further easier. Rules and Actions will help you to describe how the tasks are to be actually performed. For eg: while organizing music files which files and folders are to be looked for. Folders watchers show the folders which are monitored and you can add or remove the existing folders. Another option helps you to to select the folder which is to be monitored only once. There are other options also like Quick Watch and Preferences Settings etc.


You can anytime see the action logs to know the functions performed from the icon on system tray.


Other tools which can be used to organize files and folders

Remove Old Files: The freeware has been designed to delete the old files based on the time of last accessed. The user can set the time of delete as per the requirement. It can also move, archive or delete the complete folders. The deletion can be based on date of last access, modification or creation.

RoboBasket:The freeware has been designed to delete, move, copy or rename files as per the users’ requirement. The tool have a plus point over others. It does continuously keep on checking for old files. If you don’t want to overburden your system processor, you can set the time interval after which the freeware should monitor.

Some other similar tools reviewed by us earlier are Delete Files By Date and AutoDelete.


Hygeia performs three entirely different but daily performing tasks. It has one disadvantage as compared to other similar freewares mentioned that it will only delete and that too based on last date of access only. The other options are not available. Rest the three other freewares works almost similarly.

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