Auto Arrange Files, Folders For Display In Finder In Mac OS X

In mac os x one of the most annoying thing I have seen is that when ever you open any folder on mac os, it does not display files in a sorted way, one such example is the downloads folder in which all the files you download from internet gets stored.

In order to solve this problem temporarily you can just open that folder, and then right click in empty area and then select arrange by – modified date or select any other criteria as shown in the image below.

Picture 1.png

But this is a manual method you need to do every time you see the file and folders unsorted in that folder, today we will tell you a simple way available in mac os x already, which you need to configure just one time and all the files and folder for each folder.

This way the folder will keep all the files and folder inside it automatically sorted and arranged, just follow the step by step procedure below.

Just open the folder and then press Command+j or Apple+j and then select the option to automatically sort and auto arrange files to show in finder window by selecting snap to grid option as highlighted in the image below.

Picture 2.png

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