Uninstall Or Install Codecs In Windows To Play Unsupported Video Types

There are times when your audio or video files do not play in your music player and report about a broken codec. But most of us do not know where to find these codecs list and how to change or remove a particular codec.

For this, there is a freeware called Codec Toolbar RS which will show the list of all codecs present in your system. But, it is only tested on Windows xp (32/64-bit).

The downloaded Codec Toolbar is an executable file so it does not need any installation. The application is simple and easy to use. Even a beginner will be able to access it. The main window has 6 parameters which will perform their respective work.

The ‘List Codecs’ will let you know about all the codecs present in your system with their respective merits. In this 0.6 version, List codecs will provide the option of selecting the 32 or 64-bit or both version.


For knowing about a particular codec merit, you can select ‘Read merit of codec’ and specify the name of the codec and click ‘Run’. For example, i want to know about the ‘AVI Spitter’ codec merit then, i will specify it and just have to click ‘run’ and it will show its merit.


You can also detect the list of broken codecs by selecting ‘Detect broken codecs’. It also provide the option of fixing broken codecs. You just have to mark the option and ‘Run’.


It also provides the option of removing or changing a specified codec. You have to select ‘Remove a Codec’ or ‘Change merit of the codec’ respectively.

NOTE: It is advisable to make a backup of the registry before using these parameters because it is still beta version.


It also provides the option of using command line with ‘Use command Line’ and specifying the required task. Here, i have specified the list of codecs of 32 version.


The Command line instructions can be read by clicking the ‘Read Me’ option which will show this window.


The option of ‘Log’ will let you see all the details in the bigger window shown in this snapshot.


Download Codec Toolbar RS 0.6 Beta

Also, read about similar tool in the article Detect, Find Installed, Supported Audio, Video Codecs On Your Computer.

For all Windows 7 users, you can download the pack of Windows 7 codecs from here: Download Windows 7 Complete Codecs Collection and Download Free Windows 7 Codec Packs.

How Can I Copy Files From One Folder To Another Folder On Same Computer Automatically Without User Input?

All of us keep a carbon copy of our important folders which we keep on updating after certain time so that in case the original document gets corrupted or lost, we can take the help of it. This process can be easy for small folders but for a folder which has many sub-folders inside it, is a difficult task. We have to first check which sub-folders have been updated and which are not. And then, copy the updated one to the copy folder. This whole process is very boring and confusing. For this, there is a freeware called UpdateIt which is especially designed for the synchronization of the source folder’s content with the content of target folder on a local computer or a remote FTP server. UpdateIt searches all files in the source folder that are modified after specified date/time. It can copy found files to the target folder with preservation of an initial structure of the subfolders. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp. After installation, it will first ask you to provide your e-mail and outgoing mail server to be used to send crash reports (in case of their occurrence). If you are not sure which outgoing SMTP server to specify look at your default E-mail client settings. You can also skip this step and click ‘Next’.

image After that, step 1 will ask you to put the source and destination folders in the space provided. You can also enable to search in the sub-folders. You also have to specify the date and time since which files in the source folder should be considered updated. You can also first clean the target folder by enabling the option. image After that, you will get a list of the updated files in step 2. Here, the file name, its extension, date and time when modified will be present. In case, you do not want  to copy some files, you can remove it from the list using the option present at the bottom right side. image In the step 3, you will provided the option of copy or move the file to the target folder. You can also upload the file to FTP by providing the following details. Also, you can zip the files and send it via email by just providing the details required. image In the step 4, your selected process will take place and will show this window. image So, you can update your folders following just 4 steps easily. Download UpdateIt Also, read about similar tool on File Backup, Photos Sync or Transfer Files To Other Computer.

Add Flash Charts In MS PowerPoint Easily With Oomfo Add-on

When we make presentations in MS PowerPoint, usually the charts we use are powered by Microsoft Graph and are very boring which sometimes make our presentations dull.

In solution to this, there is a free PowerPoint add-on called oomfo which can spice up your presentations with different types of flashy charts.

With oomfo, you can create visually stunning and animated charts for PowerPoint presentations. It also offers various different types of charts like funnel chart, logarithmic charts and many more.

Oomfo is compatible with Microsoft office 2010, 2007 and 2003. It also requires requires Adobe Flash Player to view the chart. After installation, it will appear in the PowerPoint 2007 toolbar like this.


For selecting the chart, click on the ‘Insert chart’ option which will open a new window of oomfo which provides various easy options for selecting your chart for your presentation.

The first one is the ‘Chart type’ which offers you to select the chart type with the preview of each selected chart on the right side.


After selecting the type of chart, you have to add the data for it in the option ‘Chart data’. It is very easy to add data in it. You can also use external data using the option of ‘Paste external data’.


You can choose various styles for your chart in the option of ‘Chart cosmetics’. You can also create your own style for making your chart stunning in the option of ‘Create Styles’. You can also customize the present styles according to your requirement using the option of ‘customize’.


You can also put the data in the chart accordingly in the option of ‘Data properties’. For example, if you want the data to be put inside the data plot or how you want to display the data labels and many more.


The setting of axis and titles can be done in the option ‘axis and titles’. In the option ‘Divisional lines’, the setting of y-axis minimum and maximum values can be done. Also, it provides you the option of choosing the number, color, thickness and transparency of grid lines.


Similarly, you can also create trend lines which help in highlighting certain values on the chart scale in the option of ‘Trend lines’. After all the settings, you just have to click ‘Finish’ and your created chart will be added to your presentation slide.

The animated chart will add more beauty to the slide and will force the viewers to pay attention to your presentation.

Download Oomfo

Free Note Keeping Software For Windows PC

In our busy daily life, there are hundreds of things which we have to do but forget some of them which might have been important. So, most of us either keep a note  or make a reminder of important things so that at the end of the day we don’t have to regret for the incompletion of our important things.

But what about those who has to work all day long in front of their computer and instead of reminding the daily doings, they have to remember about certain important programs. For them, there is a software called QuotePad which is a personal notes keeping program.

It is a compact and east to use program. It is fully compatible with windows vista, xp, 7.

For adding any note, you just have to ‘double-click’ on the specified area then below it you can edit your note by selecting the snippet text from the web. It also provides the option of saving the URL of the page the text was saved from, allowing you to revisit the source of the quote at any time.

It also provides you the option of marking the note and can be used as checklist. You can also set reminder by clicking the option shown below. [Read more…]

Batch Scale, Resize And Convert Images

Today, in the world of digital technology, we are keen to display and share our happy moments clicked by our digital cameras to our near and dear ones but it takes quite a long time to deal with the problems of resizing and picture quality. So, to relieve us from sitting all day long in front of our computer performing these tasks, there is a software called Photo Magician which will make your life easier.

Photo Magician is a small and easy to use software which allows you to quickly scale and convert your images. The most attracting feature of this utility is that it can process batches of photos within a few minutes. It supports the most common graphic file formats like jpg, png, gif, bmp, tif but can also handles some special ones like dds, pcx, psd, targa, wbmp, wmf and raw images.

As you will start the application for the first time, you will notice very few options on the main window which makes it a handy tool. You just have to select the input folder where your images are stored and the output folder where you want to save your processed images. [Read more…]