Change Hard Disk Drives Icon In My Computer In Windows 7 or Later

Since our working lives have just been limited to computer screens in this world, What at least we can do is that, we can keep it colorful and bright so that we don’t get bored out of it.  And how can keep our computer screens interesting? Simply by customizing the appearance by personalization tools currently present on the computer. There are so many ways to your customize your computer’s appearance nowadays. Most of us have already customized our desktops in the way we like to look at it. Currently there are customizations available for all the types of people out there, there are people who like to change wallpapers, themes and other stuff like that according to seasons or festivals or whatever they like. We try to make our computer screens look unique in the best way we can and to do that we try to personalize each and every option available that could be changed.

Changing wallpapers and themes are a thing of past, like even a kid can do that without any help. Many people like to take the next step and change their desktop icons to their personal photos or cool icons that they can download from the net. What if you want to take a step further. Well, I am talking about changing the icons of the different drives present on your computer. I am sure you haven’t even thought about it yet. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change the old boring icons on your drives and change them to something more fun like a different small personal photograph for all the different respective users who own the drives when two or more people use the same computer. Normally there are two ways with which you can change your drive icons the first one is by putting these two lines of the code in the text document ” [autorun] , ICON=path ” and then change the path to the icon location on the hard drive. The second one is to navigate to the settings through a very long registry key. Now both these two methods might seem to be very difficult and confusing for a normal computer user.

Don’t worry we have a perfect little free application for you that will change the icon of you desired drive with just one click. With 7Drive Icons Changer you will be able to do that very easily. Lets see how,

First after downloading the application you will have to run it, be sure that you run it as an administrator because if you don’t it wont work. after running the application you will see the following screen.


As you can see, you don’t have much to do here and all you have to do is to select the drive whose icon you want to change, and press the browse icon button

Next screen will look like this


You wil have to browse to the folder from where you want to choose the icon, be sure that the downloaded file is in “.Ico” format otherwise it wont be shown in the browse window.

After selecting the desired file you will be directed to the next screen

icon 4

here all you have to do is, to make sure that the icon you selected is the correct one and press the apply button

You can also choose to restore all default icons by a single click whenever you want to bring things back to normal.

In the end we would like to show you how beautiful it is to change the normal drive icon to something interesting and good looking, you can look for yourself how good it looks from the other normal drive icons

final icon

In the end we would like you to remember these few points so that you don’t encounter any of the common silly errors

  • program has to be started with administrative rights.
  • make sure to write the drive letter.

Download 7 Drive Icons Changer

Put, Take Out iPhone In iTunes Recovery Mode

iphone is a kind of device which is really awesome when you know how to play around with it. There are a lot of people who like to mod their iphones and jailbreak it for some reasons. So if you are new to the iOS then i should tell you that if you are thinking of updating your jailbroken iphone or trying to modify it then putting it into the recovery mode is one of the most important steps involved which can take a lot of time if you don’t have the correct knowledge of doing it.

So like always we have found out a new application to make things easy for you and it is known as RecBot. Restoring and updating your iphone can be a really tiresome job sometimes and the first thing you have to do is put your device into recovery mode.


This is how it looks when your phone enters the recovery mode but it for some reason you are not able to perform the traditional home and power button method then RecBot is a utility that can help you out.

This application works on both Mac and PC and all you have to do is run the .exe file which will give you the following options as to enter or exit the recovery mode :


Caution should always be maintained while restoring your iphone or ipod touch and the owner should try to find out more about his or her device before performing any of the procedures, also it is recommended to have backups before performing any updates and restorations.

Reasons To Jailbreak Or Install Cydia On Your iPhone

I must have said it a thousand times by now that apple iphone is the most advanced electronic gadget present in the current mobile phone market today. Well I didnt use the word mobile phone while describing this device because to me it has been much more than a simple mobile phone and it has been moreover a complete entertainment system and also I can download any app I want to make use of the features of this gadget. There are thousands of applications present for all types of day to day tasks and there are many games and entertainment applications that can be added to this device according to your requirements.

Now being a computer geek we all feel like there were some setbacks also, like a normal developer cannot develop and install his own app until unless it has been approved by apple and put on its app store. So what he could do? Well the simplest answer was to jailbreak this device and let it break free from all the limits that apple has put to this device. Well there may be a thousand geniuses sitting in the think tank of apple’s developing department but it is also possible that a person sitting on his own computer developing an app may come out with something awesome that can leave behind all the previously developed apps in popularity.

Recently at a conference Mr. Jay Freeman more commonly known as Saurik the man who gave us Cydia and many more applications, themes and other stuff said that due to some rumors people hesitate to jailbreak their iphones.The most common rumors are that the owners would not be able to download apps from the appstore if they jailbreak their idevices and also that apple may cancel the warranty if the iphone is jailbroken. Well we would like to tell you that all this information is not true and you will be well able to use your device in any way you want after you jailbreak it.

Below is video by Jay Freeman [ Saurik ] giving the reasons why you should jailbreak your iphone.

So in the end all we would like to say is that, if you are interested in jailbreaking your idevice and the only fact stopping you is one of the above rumor then you should go ahead and give it a try. Also if you encounter any problems you can always restore your iphone to the original settings. Always remember to keep a backup of your files though.

Windows 7 Internet Connectivity Monitor + Download, Upload Speed, Data Tracker

Almost everyone who is using a computer today is surely using internet and number of people using windows is increasing by the day. When windows 7 was released quite a number of changes were made, one of which was that made to the network activity indicator in the system tray. Neither does it show any information on the data transfer or the current internet speed which you might sometimes need to know about to know the performance of your internet service provider.

Network activity indicator id a simple and portable freeware that provides you with added features in the network activity indicator icon which exists in your windows 7 system tray. It sits in the system tray and allows you to view detailed information on your internet connection whenever you choose to. There might be many uses of this application like, a person can always monitor his or her internet bandwidth and see to it that if there service provider is providing him with the internet speed that he was promised when he bought the connection.

Once you run the app it will reside in your system tray and when clicked it will show the network connected,its speed,number of packages sent and received and also the current upload and download bandwidth along with a handy representation of the bandwidth using a neat graph. The icon itself will show a change in pattern to indicate availability of a network if a download or upload is taking place. This becomes really helpful when you have to monitor the performance of you internet connection and at the same time you don’t want the application to disturb you. This application does exactly the same and it does the job for you while hiding itself in the system tray. All you have to do is click on the small icon whenever you want to have a look at it.

The utility of this tool exceeds its simplicity on your windows 7 when it comes to monitoring your network connections in the easiest of ways. With this application we are sure that you will be able to monitor your network performance with utmost ease and simplicity.

Download [ Windows 7 Network Activity Monitor ]

Change Cycle Wallpapers On Desktop Freshly Downloaded From Internet With Pulse

Everyone likes to enhance the look of their computer screens with beautiful wall papers but constantly changing and finding the wallpapers of your choice and downloading them is quite a hassle and time consuming too especially when there are millions of awesome wallpapers present in the cyber world. We hardly get time to spare for such things now, wouldn’t it be amazing if your computer automatically downloads the wallpapers of your choice from the net for example if you are a huge fan of a filmstar ,it downloads bollywood wallpapers, if you are a nature lover, it downloads beautiful sceneries and if you are a car fanatic it downloads pictures of stylish cars. Well you could actually make this happen using the new freeware known as Pulse.

Pulse is an amazing freeware that uses a keyword given by you to download wall papers and currently the website it downloads wallpapers from is At this site,you can find numerous wallpapers with different resolutions to suit your requirements. Using the app is quite a simple task. All you need to do is specify the keyword of your choice for example. if you like animals you can enter the keyword of the animal you love the most like, puppies.


Also you don’t need to worry about the resolution as pulse is intelligent enough to download the wallpapers suiting the resolution of your computer. You even have options to skip wallpapers with lower screen resolutions or to get the pictures with maximum screen resolution by default. To make things all the more convenient,you can tell pulse to automatically delete the older pictures along with the time limit so it doesn’t take a toll on the memory of your computer. So we are sure that finding the best wallpapers for your device and changing them will not be a difficult task and you will love the computer everytime you open it and it will be a nice surprise to see a new wallpaper everytime you do that.