CCleaner Alternative For Mac OS X With Options To Uninstall Applications, Clean Caches & Logs And Make It Faster

In today’s world we are familiar with a number of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and others but one of the basic thing that remains common with all of them is of unwanted files. This would include unwanted applications, caches, log files etc that not only occupy an appreciable amount of space on your computer but also make it way too slow.

Talking about the Mac in specific, which is said to be a much better performing OS than Windows, there are many programs available for cleaning it up and getting added into the list is the latest CleanGenius Pro. As the name suggests it is the pro version of the CleanGenius Free utility with added features and most interestingly this $2.99 app is available for free on Mac Store for a limited period.

As you can see the interface is quite nice and clean and would not find any difficulty while getting used to it. On the left you have a number of sections like My Mac, System Caches, User Caches, System Logs, User Logs, User Trash and User Download. Then there is a separate section as Utilities where you have Uninstall Applications and Free Space Monitor sections.

Firstly under the My Mac section you can have a brief yet useful information about your system’s specifications like the processor, memory, hostname, model, vendor, total space available and free etc.

CleanGenius Pro Mac

Under system caches you have a log of system caches along with additional details like the location and size. Similarly you have user caches as well as system and user logs just below the same. So you can keep an eye on the generate caches and logs that are occupying space on your computer. To clean these logs and caches you can check on the corresponding boxes and then press Clean at the bottom. If you want to clean the downloads and trash folders as well, check the boxes against them and then hit clean.

CleanGenius Pro Mac 2

Under uninstall applications you have a list of all the installed applications along with the date on which they were installed and version. To uninstall an app just select the same using the corresponding box and hit uninstall at the bottom.

CleanGenius Pro Mac 4

Under the Free Space Monitor section you can track the available free space on your hard drives, flash drives and even the shared documents.

CleanGenius Pro Mac 3

If you want a quick look at the available space or open the main window for CleanGenius Pro, you can do it from the finder as shown in the image below. The app also has a feature of settings alarms when your disk space exceeds a particular limit set by you.

CleanGenius Pro Mac 5


Mac OS X 10.6 or later


2.1 MB

Key Features

  • Fast scan and clean your Mac in seconds, purifying your Mac and recovering hard disk space.
  • Completely uninstall the unwanted applications and delete related files.
  • Show the available space on all the drives.
  • Display alarm by changing the color to orange when your disk space is running low and customize the space value to display a warning.
  • Eject all the mounted devices by one-click, like external storage disks, CD and DVD disks, network storage, disk images.
  • Mount and Eject completion indicator.
  • Open the drives in Finder by click.
  • Select places to clean up junk files.
  • New and intuitive interface.

Download CleanGenius Pro

Translation, Automated Voice Reading Of Text Messages On Android Phone

You must have seen a number of android applications which perform real time text to speech conversion and other applications translate the text into a language that you desire. Google Translate is one such application that translates the text to other languages and is very popular among users. All these features are great but we always search for applications that can perform different tasks at the same time.

SMS Speaker Translating is the next interesting application from our Android section and will definitely be liked by you once you try it out. SMS Speaker Translating, as the name suggests converts the text present in SMS to speech. At the same time another feature of translating the text performs its function and displays the translated text just below the actual message. So the application solves two purposes:

  • First, it converts the text into a language of your choice and
  • Second it speaks out the translated text simultaneously

The application is available for free on Android Market and is simple in almost every aspect. Whether it’s the settings page or the very first screen, the app will not bring any complications along with it. The very first screen is where the user gets to choose between whether he or she wants to translate All SMS or Unread SMS. But before you start using it, one should make changes in the settings menu according to his or her liking.

In the settings one should first choose the language which the messages are supposed to be translated in, from the Your Language menu. The reading speed could also be set from slow to fast as per your convenience. The pitch is another very important where the pitch of speaking could be altered from slow to fast again.

SMS Speaker TranslatingSMS Speaker Translating1

To translate the desired message, simply scroll through all the messages select the message and hit the Read button present at the bottom of the screen where the translated message is displayed in text. The moment you hit the Read button, the app starts speaking out the message. The images below will explain how the message looks like. Since I chose French as the translating language, so the SMS text has been translated in the same.

SMS Speaker Translating2SMS Speaker Translating3

We definitely want you to download and use the application since it is impressive enough and will be useful.

Download SMS Speaking Translating – [Android Market]

Android File Manager Multiple Folder View

Android Market has a number of file explorer and managers such as Linda file Manager, Astro File Manager and many other but we have discovered a new file explorer which is the first ever explorer with two planes. This Dual pane explorer cum manager is known as Total Commander in beta stage and as of now it is available for free but unfortunately is not on the market.

Total Commander is also has a PC version and now the developers have released an android version of the same. Unlike like the PC version which is very easy to use, the application is a bit complicated on the interface but once you try it yourself you would simply love it. The two panes are switchable and at once only one pane is visible in phones but for tablets there is an option to two simultaneous panes. To switch to the other pane either swipe your finger on either side of tap on the three arrow button provided on the sides near the top.


On the very homescreen you have options like select, transfer, compress, delete, sort etc. In order to make any transfers or changes first open a directory. For example if you want to do something with your photos, enter Photos directly from the homescreen or the DCIM folder by scrolling down the folders available in your SD-card. After accessing any folder tap on select option which is the first one on the homescreen and select the required files. After than you can use the transfer option, the second one, or the delete option, the fourth one. You can also compress a folder with encryption support, by selecting a folder and then tapping on the third option,


So the application lets you copy, move, rename, delete, create new folder etc. File and folder sortation is another feature with which you can sort by name, date, size and other parameters.


It supports a number of languages, offers font, style, size and colour customization, hide and unhide files and is extremely feature packed. You would keep exploring once you download it and we guarantee, your future tasks will become a lot easier to accomplish.

To Download Total Commander For Android Search On Google For Its APK file

Single Tap Picture Capture On Android Phone With QikCam

There are plenty of applications for android phones and other devices which are developed for enhancing the features of the stock applications and features and in specific if we talk about the camera and video app then we have a number of options. The latest app to join this feature enhancing league for stock camera and video is known as QikCam.

Alike any other good app it provides you with a lot of features and interestingly the application is extremely clean and simple to use. The main screen has three options: Camera, Video and Sharing. Choosing each of the three takes you to the settings screen where you can choose the default settings for the photo or video you are going to capture.


The reason why the app is worth downloading is that with QikCam you can take photos and record videos without accessing the default camera app. It’s a one-click app with separate widgets for both camera and video and to do the needful one has to place the widgets on the homescreen and just tap them when he or she wishes to click photos or capture videos. Another cool feature is of sharing the captured photo or video and uploading it to a 4Shared account if one has any.


So how to use the app? Read the instructions below and you will understand everything.

  • Download QikCam app from Android Market where it is available for free
  • After installing add the widgets for both camera and video on the homescreen
  • In order to take a picture or record a video hit the respective widget from the home screen itself which will take you to the settings screen where one can enable features like Auto-focus, Flash on/off, resolution in case of Camera and video format and other features for Video.


  • Once set hit the save button and your settings will be saved after which whenever you select the Camera or Video widget the picture or video will be captured immediately. The application will also provide some features such as Delete and Share after capturing any of the the above two.


Download QikCam Android App-[Android Market]

iPhone: Free GPS Navigation With Full Maps Of Indian Cities, Towns

Navigation applications never prevailed in India but for quite some time now they are gaining popularity and finally people have started using such applications and are enjoying the benefits. Recently we discovered an iPhone navigation app known as Navfree GPS Live India and as the name suggests It has been developed specifically for the Indian road network.

It does not use any data connection for navigation and features in-built maps so that one can use the application on the go via GPS only without getting charged.


Interface wise the app is very convenient to use, accurate and user friendly. The app’s whole layout very much in resemblance with any other typical GPS device making it amazingly simple to play around with. The app works in both 3D and 2D mode and the most unique feature is that it does not need any data connection for navigation purpose. While starting off with app you will have to register first using any email id and then onwards you can start using it.


Integrated search on Google and Microsoft Bing is another amazing feature where you can look for nearby restaurants, places, cities and everything. Tap on the place to visit on the map and select Route here present at the bottom to get the directions for that particular location.



The list of the features seem to have no end and to surprise the app also lets you access iPod music app directly from the navigation screen and at moments when the application is supposed to give any voice guidance, the music will automatically fade out and later fades in.


You can also send your location via Email and SMS and can also share with your Facebook and Twitter friends by going to option and then selection Send Location.


Other excellent features include, Automatic Rerouting where if you miss a turn the app reroutes instantly, POI(Points Of Interest) search with which you can locate nearby restaurants, café’s, museums and other landmarks and route there, exact address and postcode search, Day and night maps where the application automatically switches the colour of the interface depending on the time.

There is no way this application is not worth downloading and is definitely of great use.

Our Rating 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install Navfree GPS Live India