Tips To Use Google Search To Solve Mathematical Calculations

Ever wondered you can use google search as a calculator other than google search. In this article, I will show you a feature that many people do not know about google is very powerful calculator right from the search line, you can put any equation you want and has lot of symbols and syntax for very complicated equations including a symbol for speed of light, degree Celsius or tangents or different types of things that you learnt in high school, but you do not remember it, you can be helped by google.

Google adds a new feature almost every year. Couple of years ago, it has got its new feature google calculator. Google calculator is a powerful tool that can perform simple as well as complex calculations. With the help of this feature, you can calculate solve basic mathematics arithmetic, unit of measure, various conversions including length, temperature and even currency conversion.

To do the calculations, just type the query in proper format in the google search and press enter or click on search button and result will be displayed on search result page. Some of the examples of the google calculator are as follows:

Basic maths arithmetic

Simple calculations




Similarly, you can use it as a convert one form to other form.



You can even calculate percentage.


There are many more instructions that you can use it. To know all about the other instructions, follow the given link.

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Transparent, See Through Windows Lock Screen [For Windows 7 & Later]

There might me many instances that you use” Windows + L” to lock your computer screen before leaving your place, it might be at your office, workplace or anywhere else. By locking your system this way, it takes you to the system logon screen and you can again log in by entering correct password (if you have set any windows password). When your system is locked, you will notice that background audio will still be playing but you will be unable to view the background activities, which could be playing of video (but you still can hear the audio), chat application and many more. But if you want that others can view your background programs running in your system without allowing them to have access to it, the best application to do so is ClearLock.

ClearLock is a small size freeware application that provides kind of transparent layer to your desktop so that others can view your background programs running in your system but they are unable to have access to your system without knowing correct password. This app barely consumes any main memory of your system.

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All you need to do is to first download ClearLock from the link provided at the end of the article. As this is a portable application, just click on ClearLock.exe to run it. Before locking your system, it will ask you to set password. After this, your system will be locked. You can see that your computer will be locked but still you can view all the background programs running on your system. To unlock your system, you will have to enter correct password. If some other person tries to unlock your system in your absence and if he will enter wrong password for three times, then he will be unable to enter to enter password for next 5 minutes, so no need to worry.

If by mistake, you forgot the password you entered, I know probability is very less, there is no need to worry. Just go to ClearLock folder and delete the ini file present there, it will reset your old password. Next time you will open ClearLock, it will again ask you to enter new password.

The one big drawback of this app which I noticed, you can call this as a bug in it, is that if you have entered wrong password for 3 times, you can access Windows Task Manager after this and Windows Task Manager allows you to end process, so anyone can unlock your system if he knows this.

ClearLock is a freeware application and is compatible with Windows Vista and 7.

Download ClearLock

Take Screen Capture, Screenshot Of Webpage In Google Chrome

There might be some instances that you want to capture an image of the webpage quickly. If you are a Google Chrome user then no longer you need a third party tool like Winsnap or PrintScreen Me or any other to capture your webpage. Google has released the extension Screen Capture for Chrome users that can capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or the whole page and save the image as a PNG image.

Screen Capture is an easy to extension that capture page image especially for large pages. With other snapping tools, you can capture only visible content. But this extension allows you to capture in three different modes- capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or whole page. It supports horizontal and vertical scroll when capturing whole page that do not fit in one tab screen. This tool also allows you to edit your captured image before saving it as a PNG image. You can Highlight, Redact and add text to your image before saving it.


If you want to capture only particular area of the web page, choose Capture Region (or Ctrl+Alt+R), you will see a box of dimension 250*150. You can change the size of the box according to your preference and move it to your desired region. After selecting your region, click OK. Now you can edit if you want to and after that click on Save button to save the image to your system.


If you want to capture visible content of the web page , click on Capture Visible Content (or Ctrl+Alt+V) and edit if you want and then click Save button. Most of the web pages are too large to fit on the screen. You can still capture that web page by choosing Capture Whole Page (or Ctrl+Alt+H). This option will capture the whole web page. You can edit the captured image if you want and then click on Save to save that image to your system.

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This Screen Capture tool also has capability to autosave the image. To enable this option, first go to tools and then click on Extensions. Here you will see all the extensions that you have installed. Click on the Options of Screen Capture and then check the box “Autosave – after capture, bypass editing screen and directly save the captured image to the default location with the web page title as default file name”. You can even Enable/Disable keyboard shortcuts to capture the image.

Screen Capture extension works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Download Screen Capture

Photo Collage Of Pictures As Your Desktop Background Wallpaper

Wallcast is a freeware application that brings life to your wallpapers. With this application, you can set pictures of your family, friends, or whichever picture you like as your desktop wallpaper. Wallcast is an interesting free wallpaper creator and free wallpaper changer, that allow users to select the pictures that are to made into a collage and transform your desktop wallpaper.


To start using this service, first of all you have to register with your email id. After that choose the background theme and you will be allowed to upload five pictures you like from your computer. Next step is to add names and email ids of your friends. You can even skip this step but if you add their ids and names, they will be able to send their pictures to the Wallcast which in turn will get dynamically displayed on your desktop. You do not have to concern about the privacy as all the uploaded pictures will remain private and only people you invite can send you the new ones. After all these steps you will be given a wallpaper code, copy it. Next download the Wallcast application and install it and then paste that wallpaper code. You will see that your desktop wallpaper is now changed to the pictures of yours and theme that you selected.

Wallcast will sit at the system tray and you can change the settings just by right clicking on the Wallcast icon. You can even refresh wallpapers and manage your wallpapers. By default, it refreshes wallpapers in every 3 hours but you can change that. You can even load Wallcast on Windows startup.

Wallcast application turns your desktop background into a personalised display of pictures and allows your friends to send their pictures to your wallpaper directly. In the beginning, it may look little bit complicated but if you have friends and families, who you’d like to be in touch with by sharing photo’s, what better way than to have their photos displayed on your desktop and your photos displayed on their desktops!

Download Wallcast

Find Out Software Program Can Open A File With Any Extension

There might be many instances that you have a file but you are unable to open it because windows does not have some default program to open it as it has file extension which is not a common one. You do not know the name of the program that will open the file. Maybe you have tried to open that file in the text editor or other program that you thought would be able to open it. Even windows offer you to find appropriate program to open that file, but history has shown that it is never reliable most of the time.


Smart File Advisor is a freeware tool that will help you to find appropriate programs to open your file. It searches the appropriate programs website database. It will be able to identify the type of the file you want to open even if it has a wrong file extension by analysing file contents. It sends first 20 bytes of information online to get the file type.

If you don’t want to search the web site database, you can select second option “Use Windows to manage this file”.


Smart File Advisor also includes an MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 checksum/hashing tool. You will be able to use it to verify the integrity of files you download from the internet, after installing Smart File Advisor just right click any file in windows explorer and click on Checksum.


Smart File Advisor simplifies the process of searching for the appropriate programs so that you can open your file having unknown file extension. This application works perfectly on windows XP, vista and 7 and is compatible with both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit.

Download Smart File Advisor