Opera Next Browser for Windows and Mac Released

Opera has been focusing lot on their applications these days, few days back we talked about the new Opera browser which has been released for Android and now it seems that with all those same features including the Off-Road mode, Speed Dial and others they have launched their new version of browser for the Windows and Mac OS by the name of Opera Next and today we will be talking about that in this post.

Speed Dial has some definite advantage over the quick tabs which we use these days in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. In the other browser you have some reserved space for the number of speed tabs on the single screen like in Google Chrome we usually see the mostly used 8 tabs on a screen but it would have been helpful if we could have more than 8 quick tabs for the websites which we usually visit a lot.\

Revamped Speed Dial

So, Opera Next helps you in this case by allowing you to create the folders for such tabs, you will just have to drag and drop the tabs on one another and then the folders will be created which is quite similar to creating a folder on iPhones for the applications on the screen.

Discover feature is again useful for the users who want to be updated with latest news whenever they open the new window of their browser and this mode will ask you the area of interest and thus will keep you updated with the latest news from that area (when you launch the browser).

Discover feature desktop

Now whenever we talk about looking at the content on 2 tabs at the same time then we break the tabs into 2 different windows and then put them side by side. But this problem can be solved by Stash feature which will allow you to resize the tabs in the same window of the browser.


The other 2 things are the Off-Road mode and the new download manager which will be seen in the new version of the browser. ‘Off-Road’ mode is like the in-built pocket feature on your browser, wherein you can mark any webpage to be read later and they will saved on your PC so that you can read them even if you laptop is not connected to internet. You can click here to download this new version of Opera and thus have this new experience.

Everything you need to know about Firefox OS

Well, I know most of the reader and the users must be wondering about the new Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS which is also codenamed as ‘Boot To Gecko’. The most distinguishing feature of this mobile OS is that it has been built on the HTML5 platform, the technology with the help of which we watch videos on YouTube and see all the web-services working on the websites which initially used flash. Let me enumerate that how is it actually different and where can you expect this to win your hearts and turn you off.


Distinguishing Features

The best and the obvious part is that it is Open Source OS like Android and it uses HTML5 web language to build all the applications. This makes it really comfortable for the developers to code because it lifts all the restrictions which the devs are facing these days while working on other platforms (sorry, I cannot be more specific).

In other words I can say that this OS is like a web-app which already has the access and the permissions to the hardware of your phone and the other application which will be accessed on this OS will act like other web-apps. So this means that various screen visible on those application will be the web-pages.

So the good part for the users is that the web applications acquire less amount of storage on your mobile phone rather all the stuff is done over internet and the fluidity of the functionality of this application depends on the speed of the internet connectivity. Finally this may take over the most horrendous problem of UI lag in Android phones.

I cannot make a brutal comment but if the internet dependence is high then again it becomes the negative part of the OS, which may turn off the user, as Cellular data charges will be high and if by any chance you can’t access the cellular data at some place (which happens most of the times in most of the developing countries where low-end Android market is strong) will make your phone useless as none of the applications will work on the phone. I expect that they must be having some solution to this issue.

Usage of Firefox OS phone

  • If you want to unlock the phone, then it will come with a default security code of ‘0000’, you will be able to remove this security phone lock if you want.
  • The screenshot is very easy to take and has the conventional method of pressing lock button and home button at the same time and then it will be saved in the screenshot named folder of your internal storage.
  • The Firefox phones will have 3 buttons, one for the Home screen, second one will be the volume rocker and the last one will be the power button.

Recommended Specification

The recommended hardware specifications for this OS is a processor with the architecture of A5 or above, Adreno 200 or better, 3G and Wifi (must) and the other common sensors like Accelerometer, proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor and A-GPS.

Modify Windows 7 Taskbar UI

Every time when a new OS is released then there are certain features that a user might not like, for example in Windows 7 the taskbar gets populated very quickly even if you open few applications, because now we can pin few applications on taskbar and thus they may eat up all the space. But as usual, we have certain tweak tools with the help of which you will be able to change the appearance and functionalities of taskbar as per your needs. You can call this tool as ‘7 taskbar tweaker’ and you can see the screenshot mentioned below.


Now you may notice that this application does not have any button named as ‘OK’ or cancel in its window. This is because as soon as you change any of the functionalities by selecting any of the checkboxes or radio button, the functionality will change automatically. For example, I am pretty fed up with the space on the taskbar which gets consumed so easily makes it over-populated. So I selected the highlighted option and this provided me very small extra space. Similarly you must have observed that Windows group the application windows by their application IDs, so if you want to put 2 Google Chrome separately on the taskbar then it is not possible, but by selecting the option as highlighted in the screenshot below you will be able to do that.


Similarly you can disable the thumbnail view which is created when we hoven our mouse over the taskbar icons. It can also provide the same right click context menu for the taskbar icons which was available in Windows XP. It can also combine all the similar taskbar icons and then de-combine them when you will hover your mouse over it.

Apart from these taskbar tweaks if you want to apply tweaks on your Windows 7 settings and thus make it faster and smarter, then you can use ‘WinEmPower’ or ‘SetteMaxer’ or ‘TweakNow’ (this tool can be used when you want your computer to be extra clean), you can also use ‘7 Quick Fix’, if you want to apply fixes for all the vulnerabilities observed in Windows 7 and use tweaks simultaneoulsy.

All the tweaks are clearly mentioned in the application and it will not be able a problem to use it. The size of this application is around 300 KB and it is not portable. This tool has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and as it can be observed from the name of the application that this tool is only applicable for Windows 7 laptops and computers.

Download 7 taskbar Tweaker

Optimize Laptop Battery To Increase Backup Time With Battery Optimizer

When we start using our laptop on battery backup then most of the times we don’t know that what all unnecessary processes are running in the background and thus they keep on wasting your battery backup and I don’t expect the users to search all those processes manually and then end them, for this you will have to spend good amount of time and secondly you will have to be a geek to know all about those processes, as an amateur can harm his or her computer while doing so. So, we have an application which can do all this for you and you can call this as ‘Battery Optimizer’.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above, it will show you the potential backup which can be provided from the battery and also the extra backup which can produced by this tool but then these values will be present once you execute diagnosis section of this tool. Click on the ‘Diagnosis’ tab and you will see the screenshot mentioned below, you will have follow the mandatory conditions to start this diagnosis, it will check the difference in power consumption on disabling and enabling all the peripheral associated with your laptop, it will also increase and decrease the brightness and after 20 to 30 minutes this diagnosis will be over.



Under the monitoring tab you can see the performance of your battery, with the MAmps consumed by your laptop and Battery Charge available at every point of time. Under profiles you will be able to see 3 already created profile, the first one includes the current settings which you have on your laptop, second one will turn off everything to save your battery back and the third will turn on everything, this can be used when you want to discharge your battery quickly.


If you just want to know the maximum battery backup which can be provided by your laptop battery then you can take a look at this tool ‘Battery Eater’ which will eat up your full battery back initially to know for how long your laptop can provide the backup and then it will show you the full details once your laptop gets on backup every time. If you still want to dive deeper into the details of the batter then I will suggest you to use this application named ‘Battery Info View’.

The size of Battery optimizer is around 3 MB and it has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit ultimate edition, please let us know if you face any problem while using this application.

Download Battery optimizer

Make USB Ports Non Functional In Windows On Any PC With USB Disabler

The most common source of virus on the computers is as ‘un-scanned pen-drive’, we have a habit of scanning the pen drives of our friends but sometimes we just forget that our own pen-drive might have some virus. As soon as you plug-in that hard disk or pen-drive then it copies its virus to your system, while doing that you might see some error message but generally users ignore all the error messages unless their job gets stuck. Most of the times your friends without asking you put their pen drive on your system.


Today we will be reviewing a tool which will help you to save your computer for sure by restricting the pen-drive permissions on your computer. As you can see the screenshot of the tool which clearly mentions that the User-Interface is very simple. It divides the general status of a pen drive on your system into 3 different categories as mentioned below.

  • Normal: This will simply mean that there is no restriction on any of the actions which can be performed by a pen-drive. Tool will not play any role in this category.
  • Read-Only: Under this status of permission, all the pen-drives connected on your system will be in read-only mode and thus you will not be able to copy anything over that pen-drive and this also means that all the documents and other personal files of the user are safe on the computer.
  • Disabled: This status will entirely hide the USB-drives; your computer will not be able to detect any pen-drive connected to your USB ports. It is pretty similar to the USB ports which are blocked on the computer at your work place.

So this tool only let your computer detect the pen-drive when you want it to, this simply means that no one will be able to do any data transfer from your computer using their USB drives.

You can also use another tool named ‘USB Drive Disabler’ which has been already reviewed here, but then in this tool you will have only have 2 options either you can unlock the USB and give the an USB drive full access to the system or you can lock them so they cannot be detected completely or you can also use an application ‘USB Blocker’ reviewed here, which can be used to disable all the USB ports on your system thus protecting it from any of the unknown data transfer through them. Both of these applications are short and portable but when compared with USB Disabler then they lack the only option putting the USB drives in ‘Read Only’ mode.

The size of USB Disabler is 900 KB and it is a portable which has been tested by us on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this tool.

Download USB Disabler