Audio Voice Alerts For Every New Email Received In Gmail Inbox

Sometimes we might have notice that we become so much busy in our work that even we don’t have time to look up for our newly received mails in our inbox. Even we don’t pay attention towards the desktop alerts which comes with every new mail. In this process we might miss some important mail which might be very urgent. So, for this we all need some other way around which can give us an alert for the total unread messages in our Gmail Inbox. As we know, desktop alerts for new emails may come and go but a loud voice announcing the total number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox might prove to be a better option as it seems to be harder to ignore.

So, as said earlier if you’re in the routine of getting caught up in your work and simply forgetting to either check your email account for new mails or to forget the ones that are already in your inbox then Announcify for Google Chrome is a new Chrome extension which can prove to be very useful and you may probably use it. It’s an easily addable extension whose working is based on a widely popular Android app that works by periodically announcing the number of unread emails in user’s Gmail inbox.


Announcify is basically a simple Chrome extension that runs as a Chrome background app and do not even interfere with the work done by the user even on the browser. Although the primary functionality of this particular extension is that it’s a replacement for that irritating voice in your head that reminds you to check your email and other then this if you are using this extension with your browser then you don’t have to return to your email tab again and again in order to check for the new mails. What you have to do is, simply click on the extension icon and it will automatically check and then announce the number of unread messages in your inbox.


Although, it seems to be a normal functionality but it can prove to be very useful as Email desktop notification software usually displays a balloon window near the taskbar icon area whenever you receive a new email. But as said earlier also, such notifications can easily be ignored because they disappear in few seconds. This audio alert that Announcify extension can produce, will automatically notify the user even if user is not looking in the desktop. So, in order to make use of this smart extension, simply download it from the link given below and you may install it with your browser. It is a very light-weight extension which may prove to be useful for the users.

Install Announcify for Google Chrome

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