Create Image Grid With Multiple Pictures On One Frame

While downloading any movie from internet through torrent you must have observed that instead of providing the snapshot of movies separately, in the form of different images they are collectively available on single image where all the screenshots of those images are captured under a single frame. So, we will be reviewing a tool which is knows as CAS and this tool can do the same for you. So, it will be quite easy for you to keep the record of your image files by keeping them under a same tray.

Now this is really helpful when you want some to select any image out of a bundle then you cannot just mail him each and every image but you can use this tool to send him those images in a compact form and thus it will easy for you and him both. This tool is really very simple to use or I should say that this tool does not even has its own application window.


You can see the snapshot which shows the window when this tool is lunched. You may get confuse after watching the snapshot because this window is a normal browse option window and when ever you click the browse option you get a similar window. Whenever you will launch this tool then this window will appear and then you will have to select the location where all the image files are present. After you do so, then it will scan through that folder and check all the image files which are present in that folder, if there is no image file then it will tell you that no image file has been observed in that location.


After it detects the image files, another application window will appear which will ask you to select the background color where the images will be framed and then you will see the output location of the file. If you want then you can change else it will be present in that same location where your image files where present. Now after clicking OK output image files will be generated and then you can see the output thumbnail presentation of all those image files as shown in the snapshot below.


The size of this toll is really very small i.e. 40 Kb and moreover it is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download CAS

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