Arrange or Tile Up All Windows Opened On Desktop With Tiler

You may have large number of opened windows on your desktop, but switching through all these windows through alt+tab in windows is real pain, even if you use window key + tab still it takes time and even it is slow as compared to regular switching.


We had recently written about an application called AquaSnap which can help you arrange opened windows and programs more easily, but still if he windows are larger in number handling them with this program could be a pain. To, solve this program we just found a program called Tiler which can help you arrange any number of windows opened on your desktop screen very easily and quickly just by clicking the system tray icon of the application.

You can select the layout of arranging all opened windows, by right clicking the system tray icon of this program.


You can also choose to close all programs or keep all programs maximised with this little application, In short this simple, portable application can do more than just arranging the opened windows on your desktop.

Download Tiler

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