Arrange, Move, Zoom Windows on Mac OS X with Moom

As an avid Mac OS X user who has multiple apps open simultaneously at any time of the day, I can say that I spend quite some time arranging, resizing and moving windows so that they don’t overlap over each other or so that I can multiple of them simultaneously.

The problem is compounded if you have multiple monitors, or you run multiple Spaces/Desktops with different apps. You shouldn’t be spending time on arranging your windows, you should be working with them. The notorious ‘optimize’ button, too, is often unpredictable and will either do nothing at all to your window, or will resize it to full screen or to a weird, uncomfortable size.

Moom is an app for Mac OS X, developed by Many Tricks, which allows you to quickly arrange, resize, move, zoom and shape your windows so that you spend the least amount of time possible in arranging windows and more time actually working with them. Here is how you can use Moom to make your life easier.

The forefront and most highlighted feature of Moom is the overlay shown when you hover your mouse over the green ‘optimize’ button of any windows. Something like this shows up:

Moom provides you with some presets for placing your window on the left, right, top, bottom or full screen. Not only does it provide you with presets, but it also has a grid option (which you have to enable via the Preferences) which allows you to select exactly how much of the screen and at what position you want it to be. You can gain more control by refining the grid size, more squares in the grid means higher degree of control.

Apart from this, instead of clicking on the presets, you can hold and drag them to do special stuff. For example if you hold and drag the ‘left’ preset slightly upwards, it will transform into a ‘top-left’ quarter preset. For people using multiple displays, you can actually send windows to other spaces, by clicking and holding down on a preset (which you want it to form on the other display) and slightly dragging it towards the other display until an arrow appears indicating that it is ready to be sent to the other display. For me, this was a deal-breaking feature, since I have to pull my hair because of how Mac OS X manages multiple displays.

You can also perform all of these function via keyboard shortcuts, which you can also set from the keyboard preferences. Once you reach a setup of Windows that is to your liking, you can choose to save it, and apply it with a key-binding instantly. This kind of extensibility and customisability makes Moom a truly great app, and definitely worth the 5$ for the full version.

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