Archive Record Text Logs On Your Computer By Different Programs

Some of you might know the importance of logs at various places and in various domains in the field of computers. Logging various events and that too properly is very important in several cases. Various utilities and tools are there which gives the feature of maintain logs in the proper way and manner. Today, we are going to discuss one similar utility which is basically used for maintaining logs but still is quite different from many of its kind.

Anuran is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available tool which has been developed and designed to be used as a productivity app that is meant to record and archive text based logs. This activity can be scheduled as a timed pop-up window where the user can enter the logs within this pop-up window. Once the user enters the logs, the log will be archived into simple, time stamped, plain-text log files which can be later used for the further reference. As we already mentioned about the pop-ups, user may observe that they are basically designed to be non-intrusive, and record log files in an organized format for later use based on the needs and requirements of the users. This utility helps in maintain the chronological logs which further resolve the issue of creating and saving custom logs for recording important events such as logs during software development or when resolving system issues which are two most important phases in any software/product development.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and then can be installed in few steps. The log window can be configured to automatically pop-up after every few minutes, such as, perhaps after every 30 minutes or the time given by the user according to the needs. User may also select default tray click action, select tray icon click type, choose a pop-up time interval, title bar text, enable view of previous entry in pop-up, select sound for pop-up window, choose archive log time and define custom hotkeys as already said according to the needs and convenience of individual user.


After doing all these configurations, the log window will periodically pop-up according to the defined time frame as already mentioned. One may log an entry to save it to the archive for the later use. As already said, later you can view all the archived logs any time by selecting Launch AnuVu option from the system tray. In order to export the archived logs anytime to a Text or CSV file, head over to File –> Export (to file or as CSV) and it will automatically export the file for you.


Overall it’s a nice little utility and may prove really helpful for the user who want to maintain and store logs for some of the activities related with their work.

Download Anuran

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