Approve Tagging When Someone Tags You On Facebook In Their Photos

Facebook users receives the biggest amount of spam on their facebook profile due to the weak and public tagging feature on facebook, as by default your facebook friends can tag you in a photo they upload on their facebook profile, in such case you might receive large number of useless notifications when anyone comments on that photo in which you are tagged in.


Now, facebook has added some new feature which allows you to first approve a tag when some ones tags you in their uploaded photos on facebook. This feature really gives the control in your hand, as you can approve or ignore when someone tags you so that you can ignore the tagging on some random or useless pictures which gives you trouble with large number of notifications, we have written some helpful tutorials on how to deal with such situations, as mentioned in the articles below.

UnTag, Remove Your Facebook Profile Tagged In A Photo

Stop Receiving Notifications From Facebook Friend Photo Where You Commented or Tagged In

Stop, Prevent Friends, Friends of Friends From Tagging You On Facebook

Here is how you can prevent such things from happening on facebook, read the procedure below.

Under facebook privacy settings you have the option to enable facebook tag review feature which first asks for approval when some friend tags you in a photo.

1. Log in to with your account username and password

2. Once you are logged in, go to facebook account privacy settings as shown in the image below.

facebook privacy settings

3. Under facebook privacy settings, locate the section which says how tags work as shown in the image below.

how tags work

4. Click Edit Settings – this will open a pop window inside facebook, in which you can enable the tag Timeline Review feature on as shown in the image below.

turn on timeline review feature facebook

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