Apply New Gmail Inbox Style Or Revert To Classic Inbox Style

Gmail team has recently rolled out new style of inbox view which lets you find and view the important messages in your inbox as per your requirement. This new view of inbox which you can try out can be really helpful for people who are suffered from email overload. Once it’s turned on for your account, you can easily choose a style from the tabs at the top of your inbox as shown in the image below.

new inbox style gmai;

These are different modes to view the same inbox mentioned below.

  • Classic – This is the default inbox style most people are used to. In the Classic inbox, messages are ordered chronologically, with your most recent email at the top.
  • Priority Inbox – Important and unread messages appear at the top of your inbox, then starred messages, then everything else. Each section can be customized further, so you can create your own inbox style.
  • Important first – This style puts important mail at the top of the page (both read and unread messages). Everything else is in its own section at the bottom of your inbox. You may have noticed that we turned on importance arrows for everyone a few weeks ago; this inbox style separates messages with these arrows from those without.
  • Unread first – Simple: unread mail at the top; everything else at the bottom.
  • Starred first – Starred messages at the top; everything else at the bottom.

After you’ve settled on a style you like and used it for about a week, these tabs [ as highlighted in the image above will go away] you can also hide these new tabs on the top of your inbox by clicking the cross button highlighted in the image below.

7-15-2011 2-04-09 PM


You can always change your inbox style from the drop down menu next to the Inbox label or from the Settings page or directly from the inbox drop down as shown in the image below.

change inbox style gmail

Change Inbox Type View In Gmail

You can always revert to classic style inbox view just by selecting the same under the inbox drop down menu or under the gmail settings  >> inbox as shown in the image below.

inbox type gmail

[ Via Gmail Official Blog ]

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