Apply, Force Old Google Image Search Results Layout Style

We recently posted new google image search layout, you can read our post we described all those new features being launched with the new google image search interface. The new image search interface looks cool and easy to use, but it seems to be more bandwidth hungry so those who are running on slow speed internet connections are facing issues like when they try to see more image search results the new images are not loading.


For all those who are not happy with the new google image search interface, follow the procedure below to know more.

The easiest way to revert back to the old image search results interface, you will need to add the string [ sout=1 ] at the end of the URL shown in the address bar while searching through the new google image search interface. [ Credit Goes To Lifehacker ]

…would become:

If you don’t want to modify the URL string all the time to see the old style google image search, then you will need to install the old google image search style script – you can easily install this script just by clicking the install button but in case of Firefox you will need to install greasemonkey addon to install this tool.


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