Apply Facebook Old Profile Theme Layout – Remove Facebook New Profile Look

As we all know facebook has recently rolled out new profile look which looks better then the old profile theme layout but still many people are not liking the cool new layout on facebook. As per the facebook help and support they say “You will not be able to switch back to the old design after upgrading”.

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As facebook is slowly rolling out new facebook profile interface for all users, but still there are some ways to revert back to the old facebook profile theme look even if you have upgraded, one way to revert to the old facebook profile is to deactivate your facebook account and then re login to facebook, you will be back to facebook with the same old profile, you can follow our previous guide on deactivating facebook account. But some users are reporting that once they reactivate the facebook account, the new profile is back after some time, still you can try if it works out for you.

Note: Please make sure you only deactivate your facebook account, don’t delete it by mistake.

Another way to get back the old profile look and feel on facebook is by following the step by step procedure given below. [ Applies To Firefox Browser ]

1. Install User Agent Switcher addon –

2. Follow this link –

3. Go to Tools>User Agent Switcher>Options>Options…Click on User Agents tab, click on Import… button..

But still as some more users reported that facebook has forcefully rolled out new profile for all the users, so there might be no way to go back once you are upgraded to the new profile, you can also follow this link to try some more methods to get back old facebook profile some of them might work for you.

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