Apply Custom Colors For Copy, Delete or Move Windows Animation Window In Windows 7

On one or the other day everyone gets bored of the common theme provided by Microsoft Windows OS, now you can try and replace the themes with new themes present on the internet. Even after making so much of amendments, we desire to change the looks of deleting, copying or moving windows. I was also desperate to get the solution to this problem and today i will be reviewing a tool which is known as Copy Delete Animation Modder and this will help you to modify the appearance of the above mentioned windows in order to make your windows more attractive.

This tool will help you to modify the color content in the window of the copying, deleting and moving operations. But certain things are to be kept in mind before laying hands on this tool.

Please do not press the modify window option, if you have not made any modification in the window appearance as whenever you press that button, the tool replaces a .DLL file from the system files present on your system. The tool will ask for restart, so that the changes made by the tool could take place on the system. If you cancelled the command to reboot then the tool will get closed and it will not be launched until you reboot your system. So, be careful while dealing with this freeware.


In the snapshot of the application window you can see that preview is generated consistently with the changes that are made on your system. You can see that preview and can make changes in the background of that window, the color of the font in which the text is written in that window, all of these features can be changed by selecting the colors from the a color box window or by entering the code of the color (if you remember it)

The size of this tool is also very normal i.e. around 1.5 Mb and moreover it portable, so it will be easy for you to help your friend with this tool. After getting launch for the first time a notepad file will be opened which will ask for the agreement of the norms and then you can go for using this tool. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. Use it n enjoy!!!

Download Copy Delete Animation Modder

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