Apple Tablet iPad Information Resources and Links

Apple iPad has been finally revelled and at the first look it looks like a BIG iPhone or iPod Touch, how ever it has some real good display, nice features as a tablet device, but as per its looks and features it does mean to be for geeks.


Here are Some Resources and Links given below from which you will get more information and almost everything you need to know about Apple new iPad

iPad Price List

iPad Launch Coverage

iPad Unknown Facts

iPad Tech Specs And Features


  1. macboy says

    contrary to your’s, I’m shure the iPad is not made for geeks.
    It’s intended for those “stupid” users who won’t play around with settings, multitasking, costumizing.
    iPad is “KISS”=keep it simple, stupid AND bind the costumer to Apple-ecosystem. Block rival’s from the iPad.
    iPad rails the money straight from the costumer to Apple.

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