Appdok Is One Extension With Multiple Useful Apps For IE, Firefox & Google Chrome

There are different extension you keep installing for different purpose like quick access to dictionary, better search, twitter mentions and facebook notifications etc. Appdok is one single extension which allows you to install multiple useful web apps, one the best thing about Appdok is that it comes for most the popular browsers like google chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox

8-10-2011 8-23-42 PM

Once installed this extensions and its apps will be always available on any website you visit, it hides into left side of screen when not being used and it provides quick access to all your useful apps as shown in the image below.


After installing appdok in web browser, you can start adding apps as per your preferences by clicking the plus sign as shown in the image below.

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Some of the most popular extensions for appdok are facebook notifier, youtube downloader, Google Themer and Multi Search. We tested some of the apps like facebook notifier which worked well in displaying facebook notifications as shown in the image below.

8-10-2011 7-59-39 PM

On the other hand the youtube app allows you to download youtube video in HD from youtube as shown in the image below.

youtube video download

You can find the best apps to install in appdok here at this page which or visit the app store at this page. Below is the snapshot of how these notifications looks like when you are visiting over any website.

8-10-2011 8-05-16 PM

Install Appdok in your browser from here


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