Angry Birds Movie Theme UI For Windows 7

Angry Birds has become more and more popular since the day it has been launched, The game is available to play for all the common mobile platform including ios, Symbian, android and recently Rovio the company behind this game launched the PC version of the game as well.

Now the craze has gone to the next level as a new movie is coming soon, see the official video trailer below new movie on angry birds

Official Trailer For Angry Birds Movie Theme

Now the craze is gone to a further level, as Microsoft has recently released a windows 7 theme based on the movie angry birds and it is listed on the official Microsoft personalization gallery under windows 7 themes. Below are some screenshots we took after applying this theme on our windows 7 machine.

4-2-2011 2-10-11 AM 

4-2-2011 2-08-41 AM

4-2-2011 2-08-17 AM

Download Angry Birds Rio Movie Windows 7 Theme [Windows 7 Personalization Gallery]

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