Angry Birds Launching On Facebook In May 2011 [Confirmed]

Just last day we reported about Angry Birds on Facebook, we mentioned there that it will be a very nice idea to increase the traffic on Facebook and it will also help the Angry Bird game to get more popular among the users. After reading the title of the post you must have got an idea that this game will be released in May on Facebook. In this post, we will be talking more about it.


We mentioned earlier that Angry birds will not be the same as they are on Android phone or your iPhone but this time it will be changed when it will be introduced on Facebook, one of the information regarding the change is the role of pigs which will be introduced in this new version for Facebook, so it was presumed that it will take some time for getting this version ready and by the end of this year it will be released on Facebook. As per the previously received information we expected it to be released by March of this year, it seemed little bit obnoxious.

But as always the expectations have been proved wrong and they have made it clear that this new game will be released on Facebook in May of this year. I am really excited to laying my hands on this game as I have already got some experience with my Android phone but then this pigs will not be as dumb as they were instead they might keep roaming so that we will have to shoot the moving targets. But then these are just the assumptions, once May arrives we will get to know the real fun. You can surely getting confirm with this news as Rovio’s Eagle Peter Vesterbacka, this will be surely done by May.

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