Android SDK Offline Setup For Windows 7 or Later – No Internet Needed To Download Files

As we all know Android is the upcoming operating system for cellphones. The advantage of Android over its counterparts like Apple’s i OS, Blackberry’s Blackberry OS is that it is an open source OS from Google. Being an open source you can have the full Source code of the operating system available with you. In order for you to work on Android you need an Android SDK, and I have got one for you an application named APD or you can also call it as Android offline SDK package installer.

The Android SDK can be used to develop, games, applications and various tools for the Android based mobile phones. Android SDK is available for download on almost all the operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Whenever a new version of Android OS is released, the corresponding APD or Android offline SDK package installer which consists of emulator, development tools and sample projects is also released with the source code at .

The software is not all difficult in installation and configuration but if you want to install the the software on multiple systems then then you can download the SDK on the individual systems and configure it. Whenever a new update to the Android OS comes you need to update it manually. This software will help you to install the  Android SDK in offline mode and you can choose from any of the android version that you want to install.

apd-beta 1

The above window will open when you will run the software for the first time after installing it. After running the tool you will get two options to install the Offline Package first is download the package from the web to enable offline installations and the second is when you already have the offline packages and you want to install them. After you will select the desired option press Next.

apd-beta 2

After you will press Next button the above window will open for you which will have all the android versions and you can select the version that you want to install and then press Next button and it will install that version of Android for you. The only requirement for the installation of the Android SDK on windows is that you should have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above installed on your system.

Download Android SDK Offline Installer.

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