Android Phones Soon Will Start Acting As Credit Cards To Buy Stuff

Just few days back I told you that NEXUS S is going to get launched by Google as they will be releasing Android 2.3 Gingerbread in no time. There I also mentioned about the attracting features which will be embedded in NEXUS S. One of the features which I mentioned was NFC which is really mind blowing. In this post I will be telling you about this feature and how will it help you in making your life easier.

NFC, this stands for Near Field Communication. Now this is really an inexperienced feature till, with the help of this feature you can turn your mobile into credit cards. It uses a high frequency device which will transfer the data of a credit card into your mobile and then you can use your mobile as our credit. It was [planned that Google will be planning a software which will help the mobile to be used as a credit card, but then why to waste time over that software, if you have the capability of doing so with a device. They have planned to partner Master Card and Visa to use their credit cards with the mobile phones.

You will just have to tap the mobile phone in front of a sensor and then the transaction will easily take place. Now this device will require a separate platform and keeping this feature in mind, Android 2,3 Gingerbread was developed and that is the reason for the delay of Google Chrome OS. Now they will be introducing this technology in NEXUS S and it is also expected that this technology will be also be seen in next version of Apple iPhone. This feature is some thins which has been quite awaited.

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