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With the introduction of smart phones into the market several new concepts have been added which earlier were less known. Of all such new features QR or Quick Response  code  is the most amazing one. Developed by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994, this two dimensional matrix barcode became quite common in Japan.

Now after a pretty long while this has become more prominent with the introduction on phones who can not only use these barcodes to track a particular URL but can also be used for countless useful things. For android users , the Android Market has moved one step ahead with the addition of QR Droid which is a multifunctional application capable of impressing the user who practice a wide use of QR barcodes.

QR Droidcamera qr droid

QR Droid impressively can generate, scan and decode QR codes very quickly. Whether its an image, contact, calendar entry, website url etc, all can be read by their respective codes and the same can be generated as well. For example if one wishes to generate a QR code for a particular contact, select the contact from the list in the app and click on the button in the white box on the top right corner. Just click on it and the barcode will be generated on the next window.

encodeencode qr code

In order to decode a particular image to generate a code for it, go to your gallery, click on options and select share. After clicking on share a lot of associated apps will be listed out of which Decode with QR Droid needs to be selected to perform the above task.


Other unique features include:

  • Generate QR codes for SMS, geo-locations, installed applications
  • History feature to remember the codes you have already created, decoded or scanned
  • Browser integration
  • QR code sharing over social networking websites

The most unique part of this app is not about scanning the code with camera only but one can surf through webpages having QR codes and then either save them or can directly scan and install the application associated with it.

Now we have briefed you with the new app and its time for you to download and explore it.

Download QR Droid – [Android Market]

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