Android Market Website Does Not Show My Phone Or Android Device

Android market website has been launched which means that you can now, browse apps on web store using a internet browser, also you can install apps on your android phone or device directly form the android web store website without even touching your phone.

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Just in case, if the android market website does not show your android phone or device, following are some ways with which you can solve the issue. There are two possible reasons why an Android device might be missing from your list of devices on the Android Market website:

  1. You’re not logged in with the primary Google account associated with your device.


  2. You haven’t accessed Android Market from your device recently.

Not logged in with primary account

The account you’re signed into when using the Android Market website must be the same as the primary account that was used when you first set up your Android device. When signed in to the Android Market website, only devices associated with the same primary account will be listed when attempting to install an app.

To see the accounts associated with your device, click ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts & Sync’. You’ll need to sign in to the Android Market website using the username and password of the Google Account you originally used to set up your Android device. If you do not know the password for this account, please visit the Google Checkout Help Center article about Passwords for instructions to reset the password.

Haven’t accessed Android Market recently

If you’ve tried logging in to the Android Market website with all of your Google accounts, and you still don’t see your device listed, please open Android Market on your device, and then try using the Android Market website again.

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