Android File Manager Multiple Folder View

Android Market has a number of file explorer and managers such as Linda file Manager, Astro File Manager and many other but we have discovered a new file explorer which is the first ever explorer with two planes. This Dual pane explorer cum manager is known as Total Commander in beta stage and as of now it is available for free but unfortunately is not on the market.

Total Commander is also has a PC version and now the developers have released an android version of the same. Unlike like the PC version which is very easy to use, the application is a bit complicated on the interface but once you try it yourself you would simply love it. The two panes are switchable and at once only one pane is visible in phones but for tablets there is an option to two simultaneous panes. To switch to the other pane either swipe your finger on either side of tap on the three arrow button provided on the sides near the top.


On the very homescreen you have options like select, transfer, compress, delete, sort etc. In order to make any transfers or changes first open a directory. For example if you want to do something with your photos, enter Photos directly from the homescreen or the DCIM folder by scrolling down the folders available in your SD-card. After accessing any folder tap on select option which is the first one on the homescreen and select the required files. After than you can use the transfer option, the second one, or the delete option, the fourth one. You can also compress a folder with encryption support, by selecting a folder and then tapping on the third option,


So the application lets you copy, move, rename, delete, create new folder etc. File and folder sortation is another feature with which you can sort by name, date, size and other parameters.


It supports a number of languages, offers font, style, size and colour customization, hide and unhide files and is extremely feature packed. You would keep exploring once you download it and we guarantee, your future tasks will become a lot easier to accomplish.

To Download Total Commander For Android Search On Google For Its APK file

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