Tag and Recognize People In Windows Live Photo Gallery In Single Photo or Batch Mode

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 which comes with live essentials has become a great tool now to manage all your photos in easy and effective way. It has got some amazing features like creating panorama shots, tag people, upload pics to facebook, sky drive and flickr etc.

Live Photo gallery has another great feature in which it will automatically scan all the photos you see in live photo gallery as per the folder you added and it will automatically add pictures in My Pictures folder.

Today we will tell you how can you identify the people it find in the pictures you added to live photo gallery.

Note: First time when you open live photo gallery, it may take some time to scan all the photos you added and then it will find people in these photos and then you can tag these people in single photo mode or in batch mode.

In order to tag people found in picture, just click that picture in the live photo gallery and then click Who is this? in the right sidebar as shown in the image below.

10-6-2010 2-27-07 AM

Once you click Who is this? select Assign a name

10-6-2010 2-29-27 AM

Then you can identify the person from suggestions appearing from your hotmail contacts or some other person name as shown in the image below.

10-6-2010 2-30-21 AM

You can also recognize people found in batch mode, by clicking the people Batch people tag option in the ribbon toolbar.

10-6-2010 2-32-00 AM

In the batch mode, just click on any face and then tag all the photos of person by selecting them all, and right click the selection of photos and then select tag as

10-6-2010 2-35-15 AM

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