American Express Ezeclick Make Life Easy To Pay Online Without Remembering Credit Card Details

Online shopping these days is one way to relax and buy the products easily without any stress and get them delivered after then without any other effort needed, American Express has come up with a new idea Ezeclick which makes these online payments more smoother specially when you use credit card to make the payment. Ezeclick is exclusively for American Express current and new card holders and you don’t have to pay anything extra to get this service once you have a American Express Credit Card.

Ezeclick allows you to create a single ID which you can use for online payments everywhere, so you don’t have to enter the credit card details online everytime you shop online, make a utility payment and do some online transaction, so you just need to input your credit card details on the ezeclick account website which his run by American Express and then once you are done, you will need to just remember the Ezeclick id for making online payments.

Procedure To Create Ezeclick ID

1. Go to this Ezeclick website page

2. Now click in Create Ezeclick ID label to create a unique id for you.


3. Now you need to enter your american express card details for one time


3. Now you also need to select a unique user id which will be required everytime you need to make a payment online using Ezeclick. Once created you will get the password to login via email and on your phone as well as SMS one time password.


4. When you are logged in you can enter more cards in the same Ezeclick account, under add card option.


and you can also remove a existing card which is the one you have entered while creating the ezeclick account id.

How To Receive Password To Complete Transaction

Everytime you add a card or make an online payment using the Ezeclick id you will get the same safekey which will be sent via email and phone number associated with your card.


Once you get the password you need to input the same in the box which says one time password and then you can login or complete the transaction. This way EzeClick offers fast and easy way for merchants to support payments in a secure manner. EzeClick enables Merchants to provide American Express Card members simple checkout experience for them to complete their online purchase by allowing them to pre-fill customer data such as Card details that will be centrally stored in American Express EzeClick Platform.

Using Ezeclick While Making a Payment

To make the payment you will need to select the American Express Ezeclick option under credit cards, it is supported on many online shopping website, bill payment sides and restaurant booking and other websites like Book My Show, Infibeam,, Vodafone, Make my trip, SpiceJet Airlines, Idea, TATA AIA General Insurance, Tata Docomo, 99 Labels, Tanishq, Tata Sky etc. We tried it on and to use it you first need to select credit card option to make the payment and further you need to select American Ezeclick option.


Now it will redirect you to the webpage which will ask for your eZeclick user id and once you enter it, you will receive the safekey one time password instantly in next 1-2 minute via email and SMS on your phone.


You will see the payment in process page first


then once you enter the one time password in the box and click submit, the payment is done and everything just complete without you required to enter your private credit card details.


Stay Tuned for More

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