Alternate Windows Notepad With Ribbon Menu Interface

Microsoft has been developing it Office pack from time to time as now we have Microsoft Office 2010 which is really a very good looking tool and have an attracting appearance. But still one default application is still there which has not been developed yet by Microsoft and you know this tool as Notepad. Still in Windows 7 it has that same appearance as it used to have in Windows 98 or Windows XP. But today we will be reviewing a tool which can solve this problem of yours by giving you a similar appearance as that of Microsoft Office 2010. The name of this tool is Fluent Notepad.

This freeware has been developed by SalvatoreG and it is exactly similar to the looks of Microsoft Office 2010 pack. You can see its appearance in the snapshot which has been shown below in this post. It will have all the operations and features which were available in the default notepad. Whenever you will save it, it will be saved in .TXT format and then whenever you will open this file it will be opened in the default notepad, but if you wan to open it in the new tab then first of all you will have to launch this tool and then you can drag that saved file in it or with the help of the options in the file you can open that any .TXT file.


All the options which were available in the default notepad will be available in the same style as they appear in Microsoft Office 2010 and let me tell you that this tool will not merge it self with the default version of the notepad which is already available in the OS, but as it is a portable tool so it will launched by a double click and then you can use it anywhere just remember to carry it in your US drive. You can see its appearance in the snapshot shown below. All the options are available in the ribbon and then you also have different tabs for different options, as there are two tabs Home and File wherein all the options have been categorized.


The size of this tool is around 500 Kb and as already mentioned it is portable also. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Fluent Notepad

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