All In One Browser Settings Backup and Restore Tool – Works For Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera – FavBackup

FavBackup is a free portable tool which lets you backup any browser settings simple and restores it later on. This tool works on windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 with no problem. This is a small all in one browser backup tool which lets you backup the settings of all the browser installed on your computer with a single free program.


Moreover while backing up any of the browser you can select what do you want to backup including cookies, history, bookmarks, download history, mime types, preferences, saved form data, site preferences, search plug-ins, spelling dictionary, toolbar size settings, user set preferences, extensions etc 


Make sure to create a separate folder in which you can place all the files created as a backup settings for a specific browser, create this new folder when you are asked to specify the backup locations of the browser settings.

This utility can be really useful when you want to transfer the browser settings in between different computers like you may do in between your xp to widnwos 7 computer it will save lot of your time.

Download FavBackup

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