All Hacks To Remove Ads From Windows Live Messenger – Ad Free Windows Live Messenger

We all know one of the most annoying things in latest windows live messenger, as they keep disturbing the view and grabbing the attention of user. There are numerous ways to remove ads in windows live messenger we have already written about some of them and today we will introduce some more methods and compile the previous ones also.

Here are all the ways to remove ads in windows live messenger

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Method 1: Modify The Host File

In this method you will need to modify the mappings of the IP address with host names in the windows host file to block the server address from which windows live messenger ads are served.

Open your Hosts file with notepad and append the following entry

Method 2: Block Live Messenger Web Address

Open Internet Explorer and go to File Menu >> Tools > Internet Options >> Security Tab >> Restricted Sites and click sites

type and press Add >> Close >> Ok

Exit IE

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