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If you are managing any network then you need to know what all IPs are there on your network, what is the name of those computers, MAC address and other piece of information. When I was in college, I came across a tool named as WireShark , it is a very good which can easily tell you about the complete flow of traffic on the network to which you are connected. But then it is a heavy tool and includes much complex functionality which a user might not be interested to use, so it will better if you get enough information about all the system available on the network with a small and a portable tool. You can call this tool as NetBScanner.



You can see the screenshot mentioned above, initially when you will launch this tool for the first time; it will automatically ask you to select the range of IPs which is to be scanned on your network. After doing that you will see the list of systems on your network as mentioned below in the screenshot. You can see information in terms of:-

  • IP Address
  • Computer Name
  • Workgroup
  • MAC Address
  • Network Adapter Company
  • Master Browser

Whenever you want to scan the network just click that green colored Play button and then you will all the systems on that network with all the information described above. If you want to save the information of any computer then just select it in the application window and click the option as mentioned below in the screenshot.


It will pop-up a browser page where you can see and save all the information for that user, you will can do the same if you want to save the information for few selected users, just press ‘Crtl’ key and then click the particular users to be selected. You can also change the format in which MAC address is displayed-by the option mentioned below.


If you still want to retrieve more information about the systems or want to perform certain remote operation to those systems then you can refer to a tool named as LanSpy, which will help you to perform a bunch of operations and retrieve information like ping, Open files, network registry, processes, services and more.


Another tool which can do the same for you (remote operations and detailed information about the system on network) is ‘SoftPerfect network scanner’, you can see the screenshot mentioned above, just press that green play button, the tool will scan the network for all the IP addresses and will put the information in the application window. You can use this tool to establish a remote connection to launch any application on that system to shut that system down or to do any other operation which you can do on your computer. You can also store the information in CSV, HTML, TXT or XML file. Before using this problem you will have to configure the tool as per your requirements by clicking the option named Program option in the screenshot shown above.

Another tool which can be used is ‘Advanced IP Scanner’ which again offers certain remote functionalities but it not as multi-functional as 2 previous tools discussed above. You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned below.


The size of NetBios Scanner is very small and as discussed above, it is portable. The size of the ZIP archive is around 300 KB and it has been tested on Windows 32-bit Ultimate edition, please let us know if you face any problem with any of the application mentioned above.

Download NetBios Scanner

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