Reminder, Alarm Software For Mac OS X

Most of us have physical alarm clocks beside by our bedsides, or an alarm feature in our mobile phone. But if you like to wake up in style, you can convert your Mac OS X machine (MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini/Pro) into a giant alarm clock.

Pester is a minimal, free app that allows you to easily set alarms on Mac OS X. Not only can you set alarms, but also reminders for tasks/events. This feature can come in handy for people who do not like taking their hands off their keyboards once in place. Although a phone makes more sense as a reminder device (as it is always with you) but for some purpose-specific tasks such as online payment of bills or updating apps on your Mac, an alarm on the machine itself makes more sense.

Pester provides you just the right amount of features you need in an alarm clock app. Some of them are:

  • Timer – If you’re taking a sample paper at home and want to time yourself, Pester is the quickest way to countdown and alert you when your time is up.
  • System Sounds and Custom Music – You can use any of the standard Mac OS X alert sounds such as Glass, Ping, Morse or Purr, or set your own favorite music for the alarm.
  • Pop Up Message Display – When your alarm goes off, a pop up message appears that floats above all other windows and is persistent across Spaces so that you don’t miss an alarm. You get a snooze option right from the pop-up.
  • Growl Support – Pester can use the Growl notification system to generate a standard notification when your alarm goes off.
  • Persistent Dock Notif – Pester stays in your dock until the alarm goes off, and displays a countdown timer until the next alarm.

Pester indeed is true to its name: once you set an alarm, it will pester you incessantly until the alarm goes off.

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