Airtel Official Broadband Speed Test Interface [ Web App ]

Airtel broadband users allows you to test your broadband speed, so that you can have a check whether the speed you are getting is as per your plan you are subscribed for and if the speed is not up to your plan then you can report the same to Airtel broadband support.


Note: In order to use this speed test by Airtel you need to be airtel broadband subscriber.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Testing Broadband Speed

1. This site requires the Java RunTime Environment. Please click here to download the latest version for your computer.

2. The Speed Test may be affected by applications being run on your computer. Please close all active downloads and browser windows before beginning the test.

3. The SpeedTest may show inaccurate results with a WiFi connection. Please make sure your computer is connected to the ADSL modem/router with the Ethernet cable.

Check Out Airtel Internet Speed Test App


  1. abhishek rai says

    Thanks for sharing this – looks like a better speed test app from the ISP itself – will try it.

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