Airtel iPhone 4 In India To Be Available September or October

A good news for all the iPhone lovers in our country (though this number is very less). You will have to wait for few more months more to lay you hands on iPhone 4 as the releasing date of this iPhone model will be near Diwali.


So now lots of expectations may arise from you all or by now, after the release of the previous models, you must have got the idea of their loopholes. The expected time span for the release of the iPhone 4 has been confirmed to be between October and September by Chief Executive Officer, Airtel for India and South Asia Mr. Sanjay Kapoor. Till now, there has been no news regarding this issue from Vodafone.

They have not mentioned anything regarding the price of the iPhone but I personally feel that again the prices of this model will be three times the of their price in US and this is because the apple has already understood about the psychology of Indian customers and they know that many of us will run after the ‘name’ of the product, no matter how costly it is. We can take an evidence from the second release of this phone. They never made any amendments which could have made this product more user-friendly. The cost of iPhone 3G is around 200$ (including AT&T subscription and Shipping charges) in US and it was around Rs31,000 for 8Gb version, when it was launched in our country. Does this make any sense?

But, still ‘apple is apple’, the sound quality, the visual features, battery life and appearance rocks and no other can compete with iPhone when it comes to brand name. The additional features as compared to iPhone 3G are mentioned below:-

  • Video calling with face to face with retina display and this time the resolution will be 960 by 640 (compared to 480 by 320 in iPhone 3G).
  • Camera will be of 5 megapixel with LED flash (as compared to 3 megapixel).
  • This time Apple A4 processor will be installed in it.
  • Dual Mic noise suppression.

So, these features may again attract a huge crowd (we people are completely unexpected). But, we all know that there is an unofficial route for us if we like this product and  want to get it at lower cost. This can be done by getting an iPhone shipped from US and then getting its lock broken or you can for buying an iPhone from Canada and UK, as Apple sells unlocked iPhones into these countries and then you can use them with any GSM SIM.

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