Airtel India 3G Service Coming Very Soon

No need to wait any more as with in few days 3G services will be started by one of the best Tele services provider in our country. BSNL was the first one to do so and now Airtel has also planned to land-up in the community to provide the 3G services to its customers. Now with the help of this feature, you can go playing HD games online, see online HD videos and surf the internet at very higher speed as compared to the speeds which were experienced by you initially.


Now, please allow me to narrate the difference the 2G services which you were experiencing earlier and the newly introduced 3 services. The acronym of 3G is Third generation services, initially the maximum speed that can be used for browsing internet by GPRS or EDGE can be of 144Kbps but now the speed for the internet usage will be of maximum 20 Mbps. So, if you get such a high bandwidth to surf internet then you can do for online High definition videos buffering, download huge files in a very small interval of time and do similar stuffs anywhere in India (where Airtel reaches).

Airtel on its webpage of 3G services helps you to know that whether your hand set is compatible with the 3G settings or not. Till now they have not specified anything related to the tariff of these services but I fell that obviously tariff will high as compared to the services available for 2G type. On the high speed platform, you will be able to see the face the person whom you are calling or I should say that you will be able to experience the same benefits as of the broadband internet connection at your home.

On the webpage published by Airtel you can that they have differentiated about their previous 2G services and the newly introduced 3G services. From there you can get a complete idea about the capabilities of new feature by Airtel. Well I hope Airtel has been delivering a satisfactory service of its broadband connection and this will also very much accessible for many of the users. We will try to keep you updated with all the information related to this news. Meanwhile if you get to know anything new which has not been covered then please do not hesitate to put that down in the comments section. Have a nice day!!!


  1. Ranjith says

    Its nice to see someone educate the others about 3G, but i cannot digest rumours being spread like this. No where in the world 3G service does/can provide speeds of 20Mbps. Most countries only provide category-6 3G services, where the download speeds will be upto 3.2Mbps.

    Airtel website provides better information about the difference between 2G and 3G


  2. Abhinav says

    My friend, thanks for sharing your viewing. I really appreciate and I hope that you are absolutely correctly but can you do me a favor by checking the link mentioned below.
    They have talked about UMTS release in 3G.
    am I justified now?

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