Airtel 3G Services Starting From Diwali

Most of us know that license fee has already been paid by the auction winners and government has allotted the 3G spectrum to the operators. So, all the operators are gearing up to launch their 3G services in India as soon as possible.

Vodafone has recently announced that it will be launching its 3G services in the first quarter of 2011. Tata Docomo has also declared that it will be launching its 3G services this diwali. But, we can not see any visible actions from the two towards that direction.

Airtel has won the bid for 13 circles in India – Delhi , Mumbai , AP, Karnataka , Tamilnadu, UP West, Rajasthan, W.B, Himachal Pradesh,Bihar , Assam , North East and Jammu & Kashmir. And, just after the allotment, Airtel has said that it will launch this service somewhere at the end of this year. And, now, a visible action by one of the best selling telecom services provider can be seen at its website

Though, Airtel has not declared any date for its launch but, it can be judged clearly from the preparations that Airtel is ready to launch its 3G services from this November that is from the auspicious occasion of diwali.

When you will visit the website, you can definitely see the effort in making the portals to include almost all available Handsets from various makers. There is an option of ‘Is your mobile 3G ready?’ in which you can check whether your mobile is ready for 3G or not, by just specifying  your mobile company and model number.


There is also an indication that Airtel might be offering HSPA speeds which translates to around 21 Mbps download speeds.

Some of us have many doubts regarding this new service for example whether we can use our old Sim for having the advantage of this new service or not. So, Airtel has also taken care of this and has provided an option of ‘FAQ’ where they have provided the answers to all the common questions regarding 3G services which will be really helpful to the beginners.

So, just wait for few more days and a whole new world of possibilities will be open to you where you can enjoy real time video calling, faster internet on mobile, live TV and many more exciting services. We will keep you updated with all the latest information related to this news. Till then, keep reading…!!!

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