Advanced Mathematics Add On For MS Word 2010

Today we will be reviewing about an add-in for Microsoft Office 2010. This add-in will take care of all the mathematical calculation which are done during solving any problem. So, from next plotting any graph or solving any equation will not be problem. It will give you a separate interface in which you can easily create an equation and then perform the desired operation on them. The name of this add-in developed by Microsoft is known as Mathematics and it is available for Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote.


After you install this add-in you will see that en extra tab has been added on the toolbar of your Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote. The snapshot of this tab has been shown above. You will be able to solve the equations, write any equation and then you can also plot graph of any equation which has been created by you. Huge number of symbols will be present for your simplification win writing any equation.

I will tell you a short example in order to create any equation and then how to attain the plotted graph from that add-in. Just follow the steps mentioned below in the bullets:-

  • Go to the tab named as Mathematics and then select the equation option, in the drop-down menu you can see and option named as Create New Equation. This option has been highlighted below in the snapshot. Now just click the option.


  • A new small box will appear in which you can write your own equation. For this example I just wrote a very simple equation which can be seen in the snapshot below.


  • Make sure that the equation types by you is correct you will not be able to realize the graph of that equation. Now just click the Graph button on the same bar where the option of Equation was present.


  • A separate window will appear which will show you the plotted graph. In that application window you can save that graph, increase or decrease the range of that graph and then you can also plot any point on that plotted graph.


The size of that tool is around 7 Mb and it will take no time to install. You will be downloading it from the Microsoft Website where they have provided this add-in. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I wish that if it would have been portable then you would have never find any better tool.

Download Mathematics Add-in

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