Adobe Reader X With Some Great Features Launched

After a long time Adobe decided to launch the latest latest version of Adobe Reader which is named as Adobe reader X and let me tell you something that this is something really good for you and once I start telling you about its features then you will believe it. This time they have tried to remove all the problem faced by the users before. As from now it will be easier for you to rely on this product for your confidential information, to use it anywhere whether it is a computer or a laptop.

This time they have used the feature of Sandbox security or I should say that while showing the PDF content it will make about the environment in which it showing the content and for sure nobody will be able to take the advantage of the vulnerabilities. This features is one of the best add-ons in this version of the product. The next feature was really required by all the users. You must have seen different sites and many tools which are used converting PDF to doc format as this facility was not equipped in PDF before but this time it already embedded in it and then you will just have to click the option to convert any PDF file to the doc format. But then the characters will be guessed by their shape and it is expected that if the content is hand-written then the document will not have the same characters as it was in the PDF files.

But still this initiative was commendable and now the appearance of Adobe Reader has also improved as initially it was similar to the Windows XP environment and now the same ribbon look can be seen in this version also. They have made it simpler to use this product on different platforms like from now onwards it will be very much easier for you to use it on computer and on other mobile OS platforms like Windows Phone, Android or Symbian. now these three feature really add something fruitful to this version and I suppose that others will also appreciate. though they have taken some time but the outcome is perfect.

We will keep you updated about any information regarding this news or any other feature of this tool. Meanwhile if you get to know anything useful then please share it with us. Have a nice Day!!!

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